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You should start an Abacus institute franchise in India.You have come to the right place if you want to start an abacus institute in India. I’ll give you all the information about the Abacus Institute franchise.

What Would You Get If You Register Online?

  • You will receive the Abacus teacher training kit.
  • Google Drive access to Hindi-English Mix Language Tutorial Lectures on DVDs
  • A collection of books (A and B) In terms of difficulty (16 books)
  • 15 Rod Abacus for One Student
  • In this lesson plan, you can find a pdf version of the lesson plan.
  • Video for counseling
  • Teacher’s Guide (pdf)
  • Include a jpg and Corel Draw design.
  • Levels of Exam Papers
  • 125 pdf exercise sheets
  • Video for marketing
  • Certificate in Teacher Education
  • One credential for a student
  • One report card and one I card

Procedure To Obtain Abacus Institute Franchise

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The steps to obtaining a franchise:

  • For courier packages, give your full address with a pin code.
  • The address of the center where the Abacus Gyan Institute will be established (if available)
  • Have the name of the teacher on the certificate along with the Id card.
  • Name of the Center that will be established for the purpose of obtaining a Franchise Certificate
  • Your picture and the details of the center
  • They will ask you for a photo of your most recent mark sheet.
  • Make a deposit in the Abacus Gyan bank account. 
  • You may also make a payment using an abacus.
  • After depositing the funds in the company account, submit a screenshot of the transfer to the company.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Requirement For Registering Online In The Abacus Institute Franchise?

You should have a laptop or desktop to view the lectures.

Are All The Tutorials Be In English?

No, the tutorials will be Hindi and English mix language.

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