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Indian Administrative Service (IAS) was formerly referred to as the Imperial government officials (ICS) is that the Civil Services Examination and one among the toughest competitive exams in India. it’s conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for the recruitment of officers for the All India Administrative government officials .

What must be the characteristics to become an ias .

  1. self confidence.
  2. clear vision.
  3. patience.
  4. ability to ignore.
  5. continuity is very important to preparing .
  6. power to be failure.


An IAS officer is a responsible for maintenance of law and order ,revenue administration and general administration in the area under him .

His functions broadly include:

functions broadly revenue matters; Function as Executive Magistrate; Function as Chief Development Officer (CDO) and District Development Com- missioner (DDC); Supervision of implementation of policies of government and Central Government; Travelling to places to oversee implementation of policies; Supervision of expenditure of public funds as per norms of monetary propriety; within the process of policy formulation and deciding, IAS officers at various levels like Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, etc. make their contributions and provides shape to policies; To handle the daily affairs of the govt , including framing and implementation of policy in consultation with the Minister-in-Charge of the concerned Ministry;

Civil services preparation strategy .

What is your goal in life?

Identify what drives you?

It should be clear in your mind, why you would like to hitch Civil services. This burning purpose will keep motivating you during your preparations. Begin with End in your mind.

  • Respecet
  • Charisma
  • Connect with society
  • Opportunity to figure with masses at very young age
  • Job security

 work on grassroot level & bring an impression in field; in lifetime of people at large • Always at forefront in times of any crisis/Disaster that nation faces. For eg. civil organisations, Recent Covid-19 pandemic.


• Frequent transfers

• Political interventions

• Unstable family life

• Dynamic paraphernalia during which a politician has got to work- Factors like – media, judiciary, NGO’s, society citizens at large •


  • Candidate must be a citizen of india.


  • Candidates must hold a bachelor degree from any of the recognized university.


  • A candidate should be a minimum of 21 years and maximum 32 years old The upper age limit prescribed above is relaxable for the following candidates:

5 Years – Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST)

3 Years – Other Backward Classes (OBC)

• 3 Years – Defence Services personnel


: For General Candidates: 6 attempts (Up to 32 Years)

: Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Candidates (SC/ST)

: No Limits (Up to 37 Years) Other Backward Classes (OBC)

: 9 attempts (Up to 35 Years) Physically handicapped- 9 attempts for general and OBC, while unlimited for SC/ST


See the recent UPSC notification to be sure about the eligibility criteria, age, number of attempts can be given as per category, etc. Once you are clear, decide how many years you are willing to devote to this process, Minimum 2 years is required – I years before prelims & 1 years during exams. When you start preparing – divide the time available into months – weeks. Know the UPSC Syllabus well go through previous 3 years past question papers to know the exams pattern. Choice of optional is Important.

  • Ancient history
  • Medieval history
  • Modern history
  • Indian culture
  • Polity
  • Current affairs
  • Satish chandra
  • Rajiv ahir
  • Nitin singhania
  • Laxmi kant
  • The hindu,indian express.


Paper 1: General studies

Paper 2: Aptitude Test (comprehension, newspaper reading, current affairs, etc. is very important). Logical reasoning ability Mental ability, Basic numeracy upto class X level.


Subjective Type

Paper (1-V), well educated person will be able to answer them without specialized study Optionals – level higher than Bachelor Degree & lower than Masters Degree.

MARKS – 250 x 7-1750

PAPER I – Essay

PAPER II – History, heritage, geography

PAPER III – Governance, constitution, Policy, Social Justice, International relations

PAPER IV -Technology, Eco- development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security, Disaster Management

PAPER V – Ethics, Integrity, aptitude

PAPER VI & VII – Optional subjects.

Mains marks are most important for deciding your selection & Rank Try to make your own notes, which you will use during revision. Practice Answer writing – keep updates of current affairs through newspapers magazine It’s important to reproduce what you comprehend on a topic/issue clearly in the exam Solve previous years question papers (Last 3 years/max) Or Mock test series – Don’t become a researcher – PHD nahi kami hai, exam crack karna hai Repeated revisions are a key. I’m deliberately not mentioning any specific name of book here.


Interview It’s an overall personality test (P.T.) (MARKS 275) It tests communication skill, presence of mind, reaction to stress etc, Work on your C.V. properly- your background, your education qualifications, native place, place of education, work, hobbies, etc. Work on personality grooming Prepare responses why you want to join civil services What changes in system you foresee should be clear Don’t enter into an argument with the interview board. They are well experienced people. If you are not confident of an answer, politely admit that you are unaware of it. Don’t get into an argument with the board. It should be well reasoned if you put forth a particular viewpoint. just be be natural.


Self discipline is very important Inner motivation/drive Positive approach to study Know your strength & weakness well Self awareness Prioritize the studies as per your weak & strong areas (with target of improving score) Time management is important Breaking tasks/ Goals into achievable units (short term & long term) Take adequate breaks in between Staying calm is very important -if demotivated, spend time with your friends, family, on hobbies Be focused – be selfish in your time – meticulous, judicious utilization of time is important.

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