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Dating back from 2002 Aloha India was established in Chennai, and is the subsidiary of Aloha International, a Malaysian based company specializing in advanced abacus and Mental Arithmetic programs targeted toward children in the age of 4 to 14 years old.

About Aloha India Franchise

In India, ALOHA International has partnered ALOHA INDIA in the year 2002, to render quality ABACUS education to the Indian audience. Today as a vibrant organization, Aloha India stands for a mission committed to creating a new generation mentally equipped for challenges in a competitive environment. It has been elevating the faculties of a large number of students through its innumerable training centres across India.

State / National / International – Competition:

To further highlight the ability of students, every year Aloha India conducts National Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition, for students from all the centres across India. The toppers of this competition are sponsored by the company to represent India in the International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition conducted every year where they will compete with brains from all over the world.

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What Are Contact Details for Aloha India Franchise

  • Phone: +91-814-494-4944
  • Offical form for Franchise application can be found here.
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