Apollo Pharmacy Franchise In India Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise In India Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

We Indians take two things very seriously – one of them is our food, and another one is our medicines. When it comes to curative diagnosis and medication, the most trusted brand that one can think of in the healthcare industry is Apollo. For years Apollo Hospitals have been a lifesaving haven for thousands, and equally acclaimed are their chain of pharmacies that carry the reputed name to another extraordinary level.

In an era where drugstores are mushrooming in the Indian market, Apollo Pharmacy has established itself as the first chain of branded medications with a legacy of trust and commitment to its name.

With so much recognition to a brand that is blindly trusted across consumers and that promises augmenting profits when taken up as a business venture, mulling over the idea of owning its franchise is in no way a BAD idea!

So, if you are thinking of taking an Apollo Pharmacy Franchise in your place, then you’ve reached the right place. In this article, we’ll be reviewing all the information you will need to start your apollo medical store franchise in a quick time.

Pills to Profit – The Story of Apollo Pharmacy

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The vision of corporate healthcare in India was first envisaged by the founder of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, Dr Prathap.C.Reddy. Later in the year 1987, Apollo Pharmacy was set up as its unit with a vision to provide the country with the first chain of pharmacy network that would ensure quality and uniformity in retail medicine.

In 2014, the company took a big and instrumental leap by acquiring the renowned Hyderabad based pharmacy chain-Hetero Med Solutions Ltd (HMSL). With this acquisition, Apollo Pharmacy now owned all the 320 outlets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, which were previously owned by HMSL.

Today, Apollo Pharmacy has made its mark felt in every hook and corner of the country, and a pan India presence of 3000+ outlets in about 400 cities is a true endorsement of this fact.

Apollo Pharmacy – A Legacy of Trust

Gone are the days of trusting local pharmacists and relying on their packets of pills; here is a chain of branded pharmacy that not only offers medicines but an enduring trust that is well appreciated and accepted by the masses.

Around the clock pharmacy that offers medicines, Over the Counter (OTC) drugs, healthcare and wellness products at the most reasonable price, ensuring quality and easy affordability to the consumers.

Besides prescribed medicines, the brand also deals in a range of vitamins and supplements, baby care products, health foods, and personal care products that are serviced out through a team of competent staff members backed by a computerized software database to track stocks and inventory.

The brand is also climbing the success ladder in terms of business figures. Recently it declared a turnover of Rs.4300 crores, which is estimated to scale higher and higher in the future.

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Why Should You Take a Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy?

By now, you are pretty much convinced that owning an Apollo Pharmacy franchise is in no way a bad idea. Let us second your idea with a few more facts-

  • Apollo Pharmacy is the first branded pharmacy chain in India, introducing the concept of corporate and branded healthcare services.
  • The company has expanded exponentially with 3000+ outlets and aims to open 5000 more retail stores in the untapped regions of the country, especially focusing in the East and North.
  • Apollo Pharmacy aims at inflating its turnover to 10000 crores in the next four-five years.
  • The company has a strong workforce of 21000 employees, exemplifying the employees’ faith in the three-decade-old institution.
  • With an International Quality Certification, Apollo Pharmacy is one name that is blindly trusted for genuine medicines and healthcare products unanimously by the consumers.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Requirements

Being associated with this premium pharmacy brand requires some nominal investment and plenty of entrepreneurial zest. You can start its franchise with a token investment of 10 to 20 lakh rupees and a one-time registration fee. The franchisee also needs to comply with the area and stock requirements, as suggested by the franchisor.

Ok, now let’s talk about what other things required to start a retail Apollo Pharmacy in your native place?

Area Required

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The minimum area required for starting an apollo pharmacy is at least 120 to 150 Sq.Ft. In the case of the megastore, which combines retail and wholesale both, a minimum of 200 Sq.Ft areas required.

The outlet should be located in a crowded area to ensure maximum customer turnover. Most preferred places are in an upscale residential complex or next to a hospital, near a stationary or in a marketplace.

Basic Qualification and Experience Required

  • A pharmacist must have a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D) or have a post-graduate professional degree and a background in medical.
  • An experienced pharmacist required to instruct patients and tell them when and how many drugs they need to take (if asked). They should check and complete insurance forms that come into their guidance and record the medical bills and other practices.


Yes, they arrange Training Program for the franchise. Apollo Pharmacy Training Venue you can find on Franchise Site.

Minimum Staff Requirements

In a pharmacy, there should be at least two employees required. There should always be a qualified pharmacist on the field to assist and help others. No medicines should be issued without the permission of a qualified pharmacist.

Investment – How Much Does an Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost in India?

The total investment required to opening a franchise of Apollo Pharmacy in a town is approx 10 to 20 lakh rupees, and they also charge a one-time registration fee.

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Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Details

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Address

No 65/68, Murugesanaickar Complex, Loyal Tower 3rd Floor, Thousand Lights, Chennai – 600006

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Number

(044) 28245800

How to Apply for Apollo Pharmacy Franchise?

If you want to get an Apollo Pharmacy Franchise in your place, then you need to visit their official website of Apollo Pharmacy and then need to submit your application form as instructed. If you are shortlisted, they will contact you for further discussion.

Is the Pharmacy Business profitable in India?

Yes, of course! The drugstore business is quite profitable as the medicine market keeps growing each year considerably.

Final Word

This branded pharmacy chain is surely spearheading the healthcare industry and is likely to make unprecedented growth in the coming years. It is indeed ‘Touching Lives’ of millions through its seamless customer service and genuine and most trustworthy medicinal products.

So, what keeps you still thinking? Take a chill pill, and say YES to the idea of owning a franchise of Apollo Pharmacy today!

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