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Asharfi Kulfi Franchise presently boasts of offering excellent Kulfi varieties and defining Kulfi’s name in an entirely new town in four cities of Gujarat.

About Asharfi Kulfi Franchise

The foundation was laid in 1945 at Manek Chowk’s Manek Nath Baba Mandir Ahmedabad, with the name Ashrafi Kulfi. Shri. Asharfilal Gupta, who comes from Village Sonai, Dist-Mainpuri,(U.P.) The original product under the aegis of Asharfi kulfi, Malai kulfi, was the pista kulfi. Today, they’re a common name. People ask Asharfi, they leave the kulfi. But then you don’t have to have the suffix.” Asharfi’s – know what they’ve got and they do. Three flavors of kulfi sold in the 1954s to a leading brand in Kulfi from a tiny stand at Lew Gardens.

Asharfi Kulfi Franchise Model

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InvestmentRs. 6 lakhs
Area Required150 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 1 lakh

Features Of Asharfi Kulfi Franchise

  • The entry of Sushil Asharfilal Gupta and Mr. Anil Asharfilal Gupta into the business of Kulfa signaled a new era at the beginning of the 1990s in Asharfi Kulfi.
  • They have turned it into Pvt. Ltd with a new name, Asharfilal Kulfi-Icecream Pvt. Ltd with their dedication and long-term visibility.
  • Via the vertical expansion, they are now extending horizontally with franchising in mid-2014 to several markets in Gujarat.
  • Their objective is to provide an experienced experience for their consumers while enjoying their large range of Kulfi. They believe in steady innovation to bring high-quality delicious tastes.
  • Three flavors of kulfi sold in the 1954s to a leading brand in Kulfi from a tiny stand at Lew Gardens.
  • My grandpa, Vrendavandas Gupta, was traveling from home to Ahmedabad, Main Purei in the Pradesh of Uttar, maybe in the 1954s, and bringing with him the recipe of Kulfi.

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  • “If it is its kulfi, it has to be Asharfi, and certainly any ambavadi will ironically vouch for it”
  • Asharfi’s successful journey began with his modest larri in Law Garden selling the kulfi to the city’s biggest name today. They made around 5kg of kulfi every day here. It’s enough to buy a cream treat on the same day at 1,20 paisa each tin.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The Asharfi Kulfi Franchise?

The investment of the Asharfi Kulfi Franchise is Rs. 6 lakhs.

What Is The Model Of The Asharfi Kulfi Franchise?

The model of the Asharfi Kulfi Franchise is Kiosk.

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