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Bajaj is a highly established prestigious two wheeler brand in India. The brand that has been in existence for many decades now is considered highly competitive and reliable. The Pulsar and Discover model bikes of Bajaj have swept the market with such high tide there are no equivalent bikes till date.

Creating a record in bike sales by selling over 10 Lakhs within a short span of 15 months it has received many awards. The 250 cc Kawasaki Ninja bikes released sometime back has caused a huge revolution in the two wheeler industry. If you are the one who is fascinated with two and would go in for a Franchise if finance help is available, you are the right fit to start a Bajaj Franchise

About Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

Bajaj is a globally reputed, internationally acclaimed, motorcycle specialist. Its entire range of two-wheelers, from the Dominar 400 beast to the reliable CT100, the sporty motorcycle Pulsar to the ever popular cruiser Avenger, has been well-received in the market and won over loyal customers to the brand. An investment in a dealership in these bikes is a sound investment in the well-known brand name itself. You can ride to success as a Bajaj dealer if you have the requisite infrastructure and sufficient funds to invest in setting up the dealership.

What Are Benefits of Starting Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

With all the above said and done, it is absolutely clear that becoming a Bajaj Franchisee is one of the best profitable business deals one can aspire for. Be it the brand name that has been well established over the past few decades or the high quality two wheelers it has offered to the society, becoming a Bajaj Franchise is a sure shot success formula.

As a Franchisee, one need not invest time energy and finance in branding or advertising activities since Bajaj is already a well established brand. The perfect service provided by them has already established them as an excellent service provider too. Owing to this very minimal or zero efforts are required in the service arena also. The highly economical cost to become a Franchisee encourages and urges many to become a profitable Bajaj Franchise.

How Much Is Cost For Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

To become a Bajaj Franchise the basic investment to be done is about 40 to 50 Lakhs and this covers spare parts and interiors. If the area you want to take Franchise has the sales potential of 200 bikes right from the starting month, the initial amount to be paid will be 90 Lakhs to 1.4 Crores for starting a Franchise.

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The cost of starting a Bajaj Dealership will differ according to the location of the centre. Apart from the variation in land cost, the investment sum amount required to start a franchise dealership will be required to invest as per the following details:

  • Interior (workshop equipment and showroom) is required INR 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs.
  • Vehicle stock – Equivalent to one month’s sale
  • Spare parts – Rs.15 Lakhs to Rs.20 Lakhs

What Are Requirements For Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

Area Requirement For Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

The site proposed must be in an area suitable for customers with ease of access, adequate visibility and under the development plans and zoning laws of the local authority. It would require a lounge for the customers, working area, a parking area for bikes, space for display bikes, an office and other related merchandise as listed below:

  • Recommended site area for an integrated 3S (Sales, Service and Spare Parts ) should have minimum 5000 to 6000 square feet.
  • The space required should have a minimum area of 2400 square feet for showroom and back office (Frontage-40 feet).
  • The space required for workshop area should have minimum square feet of 2500.
  • The space required for storage/stockyard area should have a minimum of 2000 square feet.

Bajaj Dealership Services and Training

The following advantages are afforded to the dealer for setting up the Bajaj showroom:

  • The company provides all drawings, layouts, and interior designs for showroom and workshop which should be as per Bajaj Dealership corporate norms.
  • Proper training is given to all crew members and technical workshop staff.
  • Training to the sales team will be provided on product features, customer handling & sales process.
  • It provides assistance in business development, i.e. site selection support.
  • It provides necessary operational support for the franchise.
  • It provides marketing support for local and regional advertising.
  • Technical knowledge and administrative assistance will be provided to the dealer during the term of the agreement.
  • Expert guidance from Head Office will be provided to the dealer while opening the franchise dealership.
  • Current IT systems will be incorporated in the dealership.

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What Are Profit Margin In Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

Any business will require some breathing time to reap return on investment done in the business. A person investing in Bajaj Franchise can expect to reap benefits and expect back return on investment in a very quick manner. The expected return on investment is around 18% to 24% every year and this includes various aspects like Spare parts sales, Workshop revenue and direct vehicle sales.

How To Apply For Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

Application Form to apply for the Bajaj Franchise is available in their website.

Provide all pertinent details asked for and submit the application online. If your application is selected, you will be called for direct discussions. Go in for the much coveted Bajaj dealership and march forward towards success. Become one of the most preferred Bajaj Franchise in India.

What Are Contact Details for Bajaj Two Wheelers Dealership Franchise

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Bajaj Auto Limited

3rd floor, Pushpak building,

Above KTM Showroom,

Near Panchavati Circle,

C.G. Road,

Ahmedabad – 380006

Phone: 079-66070351 / 66070352


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