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Dressing up basically is an indication that we are civilized. Dressing up in an admirable manner is an indication we are developing. As they say, a man is judged by his dressing. Dresses make a man what he is and a well dressed man never fails to get respected. Whereas a clumsily dressed up person is looked down upon, a decently dressed up person is sought for by many. Some clothing brands make people look highly sophisticated.

The dresses purchased from them make people look complete. Being Human is such a clothing brand which makes people look perfectly dressed while a portion of its earnings goes for a good cause to the Salman Khan Foundation.

About Being Human Clothing Franchise

Being Human clothing business which belongs to Mandhana Industries belong to Salman Khan Foundation, a charitable body that helps in many societal causes. Actor Salman Khan being the man behind the business as well as service initiatives, the clothing brand has established itself in an emphatic manner within a short span of time. Mandhana Industries that owns Being Human is 28 years old with a yearly turnover of approximately 1000 crores.

There are several business houses that are run as complete commercial ventures. Being Human is not just a business venture but also an organization that is service minded. The societal approach exhibited by this business house is highly appreciated and this makes Being Human stand out of the crowd in a unique manner.

The brand is so well established by itself not purely for the quality of apparel it sells to the customers but also due to the high class service it provides to them. Salman Khan being a brand by himself, the influence exerted by both Being Human and himself acts as the key reason for the success of the brand.

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Becoming a Franchise for such an influential and established brand provides complete assurance for success. The Franchise need not put in any efforts in establishing the brand through advertisement and marketing activities. The brand name and the famous actor behind the same acts as the default selling point making sales happen automatically in huge volumes.

Anyone who becomes a Franchise for Being Human must take fullest advantage of these positives. A Franchise can also get the satisfaction of serving a good cause by getting associated with a brand that contributes to social cause.

How Much Is Cost For Being Human Clothing Franchise

Basically the Franchise investment agreement is made for 3 years which is renewable after the said period based on the assessment of business performance. The total cost of investment to become a Franchise for Being Human clothing outlet is anticipated to be easily between 50 Lakhs to 1 crore rupees. While the typical space requirement depends on the area of establishment, Being Human expects to get established only in the top metro cities currently.

What Are Requirements For Being Human Clothing Franchise

Area required: 1200-1500 sq.ft.

How To Apply For Being Human Clothing Franchise

People aspiring to become a Being Human Franchise may visit their official website where the contact details of Mandhana Industries are provided. Get in touch with them to understand in detail the process to be followed to become a Being Human Franchise.

This is one of the most sought for associations preferred by people both for both from a commercial point of view as well as service point of view. Initiate the process to become a Being Human Franchise immediately. Reap the complete benefits the brand offers to its Franchise and march proudly with a highly successful business venture. Remember, you are not getting associated with just one brand but two powerful names.

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What Are Contact Details for Being Human Clothing Franchise


Mandhana Industries Ltd.
008 Peninsula Center, Dr S. S Rao Road,
Parel, Mumbai 400012

Landline phone No.:

022 43539126



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For enquiry email us at |


Being Human Clothing has a growing number of international franchise agreements throughout India, the Middle East, and Europe with experienced fashion retail companies.

If you have experience in fashion retail and are interested in Being Human Clothing, Mandhana Industries would be glad to hear from you.

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