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If you are planning to start Bindi making Business then you are at right place here in this article you will get the Bindi business machinery, raw material, licenses, etc.

In India woman population which had been used kumkum is replaced with a stylish designer bindi.

Bindi is an essential product in both urban and ruler areas of India; Indi is a small piece of velvet cloth having different sizes, shape, colour, pattern, and design.

Bindi making is a great business opportunity for taking your first step in business, by establishing some machinery anyone can initiate the bindi making business individually with low start-up capital.

Bindi Making Business is a small profitable manufacturing business with low investment and high returns.

Bindi Making Business Opportunity

Bindi is always in makeup list of every Indian woman and young girls it is a consumable item so the idea about bindi making is nice option to start your business.

You can make a different variety of bindi in very small investment and cost them according to market demand and your product quality and appearance.

People don’t think about the price of bindi while buying they just look at its attractive features.

You can start bindi making a business from your home no need for separate space or rental area, this factor also helps you to save some capital that you might be invested in rental areas for business.

While initiating business you have to ensure about some points that are discussed below in this article

Licenses Required For Bindi Manufacturing Business

Registration of Firm:

You may start the small to medium bindi making business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

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How To Start Salon

If you are starting this business as One Person Company, then you have to register your firm as a proprietorship.

For Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST Registration:

also apply for GST Number which is compulsory after applying GST rule

Trade License:

Need to apply for Tread License from local authorities

Pollution Certificate:

Need to take Pollution Control Certificate

Trade Mark:

secure your bindi brand with Trade Mark registration.

Register for SSI Unit; then open a Bank Account with the name of your bindi making brand apply for Sale Tax.

Area Required For Bindi Making Unit

You can say bindi making is Home-based business, you can start it from home which also helps you to save some money that you may pay for a separate rental place for business

The minimum 500 sq ft area is required for bindi making business.

So it is nice to use own place rather than using rent area there are thousands of people running a Bindi business from home

Family members are there to give you hand no need to hire manpower from outside family members are most trustworthy and money also stay at the hose

There are some restrictions from the government to start bindi making a business from home but that is negligible

Apart from this, the main advantage of a home-based business is you can manage time but you need to balance time utilization between family and business

Bindi Making Raw Material

The based material for bindi making business is velvet cloth and stick material that present behind the bindi

Other raw materials required to bindi making are a precious stone, beads, adhesive, glue and other consumables.

An adhesive is a coating present on another side of the bindi, The normally used adhesive is dextrin

Required paper sheet to place bindi over it, you also need some packaging material

List of bindi making raw material

  • Velvet Cloth
  • Adhesive Dextrin
  • Precious Stone
  • Beads

You can decide the price of the bindi according to capital used in the purchasing of raw material

Bindi Making Machine

For bindi making business you can start with having hand tools also but for better production, you will need to install bindi cutting machine, bindi printing machine and various dies

It is advisable to produce designer bindi along with normal bindi production

Basically bindi production divided into two sections

  • Printing Unit
  • Punching Unit

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There are different types of machinery are required to bindi making business, various types of machines are available in the market according to price, operations mode and operation output

You have to select the machine that is suitable for your production,

List Of Bindi Making Machines

  • Adhesive Coating Machine
  • Bindi Cutting Machine
  • Bindi Printing Machine
  • Drying Machine
  • Punching Machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Dies, Some Hand Tools, Electrical Motors Etc
  • Hand Tools

 How To Make Bindi

If you are having a question how to make bindi then here is Bindi Making Process, Bindi making is the simple process, velvet paper is a main raw material used in bindi making

Steps For Bindi Making Process

Step 1 Bindi Cutting

Good quality velvet paper is cut down with the help of cutting machine according to the feed material size of the punching machine.

Step 2 Bindi Punching

Punching is taken place with the help of the punching machine where the velvet paper punches into the different shapes.

Step 3 Printing On Bindi

Nowadays there is a trend of fancy bindi which is having stone or different printed design on it

This type of design will print on the bindi with the help of a printing machine.

Step 4 Adhesive Paste

The adhesive material will paste on the other side of the bindi

Then the adhesive needs to be passed through the hot air chamber to dry the adhesive.

Step 5 Packaging Of Bindi

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Bindi will be packed according to the clients need.

Bindi Making Business Marketing Strategy

Local Market For Bindi (Retail Market)

Build the network with local shops and retailers who help you to sell your bindi.

A retailer also helps you to introduce your brand to the customers.

Bindi Wholesale Market

You can sell your bindi at your city bindi wholesale market.

Bindi Online Market

B2B Websites:

Register your business on B2B websites like

  • Alibaba
  • Indiamart
  • Tradeindia
  • Exportersindia

Where you can sell your product on bulk orders.

B2C Websites:

Register your business on B2C websites like

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal

Where you can sell your product directly to the customer.

Bindi Making Business Branding And Uniqueness

Bindi making business demands marketing and product promotion, you need to have product sale skill or you can target the distribution networks, such as retailers to sell your product

There are several options to promote your business from home, definitely online selling is the best option to sell and promote you can reach thousands of customers using online marketing

You can also establish a small online store by opening your own website

You can advertise your product locally or take help of retailer to sell your product or at least use them to introduce your product to customers.

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