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Bubble tea is the best franchise business trend in food and beverage. If you want to open a franchise and are looking for one, Bubble Tea Franchise can be a good option. We will provide you with all the information related to the Bubble tea franchise, like opening it and its process.

About The Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is known for pearl milk tea, boba tea, topics milk tea, etc. It uses a traditional method to make Tea. They have many varieties and flavors, but black pearl milk tea and green pearl milk tea are famous.

Many concepts are operating in the same segments in the U.S. But besides, Tea, it’s also serving coffee, dessert, and snacks. There are now more than 100 stores in California alone.

History Of Bubble Tea

In the 1980s, a small tea house was founded in Taiwan. Tea houses competed with businesses to innovate best-selling, and for this, they used to add different fruits flavoring. When the flavor was added, it was essential to mix the Tea and flavoring for a good taste. This formed bubbles in the drink, which came to be known as “Bubble tea.”

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In the 1990s, the first Bubble tea shop opened in Los Angles, eventually spreading to East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the west coast(mainly in New York). Later, it became an integral part of Asian-American culture.

Top 10 Bubble Tea Franchise Opportunities

There are different types of Bubble Tea Franchise opportunities:

7  Leaves Café

 Initial Investment$200,000-$500,000
 Franchise fee$35,000

BEE And Tea

Initial Investment$147,500 – $287,100
Franchise fee$40,000

Happy Lemon

Initial Investment$309,000 – $509,000
Franchise fee$40,000

Gong Cha

Initial Investment$177,430-$335,400
Franchise fee$41,500


Initial Investment$205,850-$458,950
Franchise fee32,500

Bambu Dessert Drink

Initial Investment$135,000-318,500
Franchise fee$81,500

Boba Loca

Initial Investment$88,945-$327,955
Franchise fee$10,000-$14,000

Kung Fu Tea

Initial Investment$124,050-$428,050
Franchise fee$37,000

Tapioca Express

Initial Investment$200,000-$527,000
Franchise fee$15,000


Initial Investment$181,100-$507,200
Franchise fee$78,000

The Business Model For The Bubble Tea Franchise

For opening a bubble tea franchise, you first need to find a scout place where there is an upscale or tourist area with plenty of walking abilities. Then you need to know about the recipe for tea making and need to learn to use equipment properly. You are also required to take care of any licensing and inspection. Besides this, you need to know about retail marketing and business management.

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What Exactly Is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a unique Taiwanese recipe made by blending a tea base with milk and fruit flavor, then adding the signature “Bubbles.”

What Is The Best Bubble Tea Flavor?

Black Tea is the best bubble tea flavor.

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