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Some food items are close to our hearts. Some drinks suspend the reality making us travel in a totally different world. One such drink is hot coffee that is of high quality. Coffee is close to the heart for millions of people across the world for many reasons.


Some need coffee to begin their day while some need it to drive away the heaviness in their head. Some need coffee to kick start eh thinking process while some needs coffee to rejuvenate them. Whatever may be the reason one thing that is very clear about coffee is that it helps people overcome both physical as well as mental fatigue. It acts even as a medicine in the case of people suffering from severe headaches.

Discussing even serious issues over an aroma-rich coffee provides easy solutions. While there are many coffee shops in India, Cafe Mocha is a premier quality coffee shop that is preferred by many coffee lovers. We will see some important facts about becoming a Franchise for Cafe Mocha

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What Are Benefits of Starting

India is famous for its craving for coffee amongst the many other countries in the world. For most people in India life starts with coffee. Coffee plays the most crucial role in each and every aspect of their lives. Be it a function or any type of get together, the event is not considered complete without a coffee. While the word ‘coffee’ is something closely associated with the earlier generations, ‘Cafe’ is the word associated with the current day generation.

While the earlier generation ‘coffee’ had a single taste, the younger generation’s ‘café’ is of different varieties offering a feast to their taste buds. Younger generation seek happy times in Cafe Mocha and enjoy the different types of Cafe with friends around.

Most of their free time gets spent in Cafe Mocha coffee shops. The multiple varieties of Cafe served particularly the cold ones enthrall the younger generation. Cafe Mocha was first started in the year 2001 in Mumbai. Since then Cafe Mocha has spread its wings in 19 places with careful filtration of places based on the scope the location offers

Cafe Mocha has brought in varieties to a normal coffee. This novel attraction not only satisfies the taste buds but also rejuvenates the young generation. It provides a lot of relief from stress and pressures experienced by the young generation.

Cafe Mocha is the trend of the day making young people crazy about the products of the brand. Cafe Mocha not only addresses the need of the youth but also business people belonging to very high cadres and foreigners who visit India to enjoy the culture and tradition. All the above are facts which are pointers to the profitability a Cafe Mocha Franchise offers to the person opting for the same

How Much Is Cost For

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Cafe Mocha has not come out explicitly with cost of investment and space requirement details in any form. However, it is understood from the past history of the existing Franchisees that a minimum of 50 Lakhs and a maximum of 1 Crore investment may be required to become a Cafe Mocha Franchise. This amount may vary depending on the location it is intended to be opened, business potential of the area and Cafe Mocha setup.

What Are Requirements For

The minimum area should be ~2500 sq. feet carpet area (owned or rented infrastructure), with adequate frontage. The internal height should be ~12 – 14 ft, with adequate parking facilities and a certain standard of adjacent tenants. The area under consideration could be in a:

  1. Mall
  2. High street
  3. Near a cinema or a business centre

Once the restaurant is operational, a Franchisee Business Manager (FBM) will be assigned to your restaurant to assist you in assessing and improving all aspects of your business. He will assist you with local store marketing strategies and keep you informed of upcoming regional and national promotions. We provide training for both franchisee owners and their staff, through theoretical classroom sessions and and practical on the job training modules, so that our promise of the great quality food and drinks is consistently dispensed to the guests.

You will also receive, among other things, a detailed operations manual, the rights to use our exclusive trademarks and recipes, access to our approved suppliers, and numerous operational and marketing support tools.

What Are Profit Margin In

How To Apply For

The steps of get Mocha coffee chain franchise license in India are nothing complicated. In order to get Cafe Mocha franchise license in India, you need to download Cafe Mocha franchise application form as a Microsoft Word document, which can be easily availed from the official website. Duly fill in the franchise application form of Mocha coffee chain, save it in the hard drive of your computer, and email it back to the officials as an attachment. You will be contacted by Mocha authorities in due time. Also, please note that IEHPL reserves unconditional right to accept or reject your application. For any queries, you can contact Mocha India (franchise queries, investment details, start up costs for Mocha coffee shop or other questions) at the following contact details provided

Cafe Mocha Franchise Website

Apply to become a Cafe Mocha Franchise downloading the form for the purpose in their official website. If you satisfy all their financial and space requirements, you will be called for further meetings to finalize the profitable win-win business deal.

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What Are Contact Details for

Mocha Corporate Office
66 A, American Express Bakery House,
1st Floor, Clare Road,
Byculla – West,
Mumbai – 400008,
Board Line: +91 22 2309 9349
Fax: +91 22 2309 9349 Extn: 112
Contact Mocha at official email:


From first inquiry to opening the restaurant, the entire process takes about 3-6 months, depending on a number of factors, including the signing of a Letter of Intent and site availability. Term of the license agreement is for 5 yearsAll information is kept confidential with the franchise department of IEHPL Group – they do not share your personal information with any third parties.

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