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A one-of-a-kind café that repairs your phone while still satisfying your appetite. It fixes your Phone and other Apple items in front of you in 30 minutes as you relax and enjoy the café’s food and drinks. Caffix Franchise a one-of-a-kind tech café that serves a wide range of food and beverages while your Apple items are repaired in complete transparency.

About Caffix Franchise

Its idea is novel and inventive, which draws customers in. Its menu features a variety of delectable items such as selfie drinks, mocktails, breakfast items such as cereal bowls and waffles, a variety of egg preparations, and much more to fit your taste buds. Caffix, as a modern idea, is a lucrative market opportunity in which to invest and earn a profit. This is a franchise that you can buy right now. There is a franchise opportunity!

Caffix Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 55 lakhs
Area Required900 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 10 lakhs
ModelCaffix SS

Features Of Caffix Franchise

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  • It’s a one-of-a-kind technology cafe. There is nothing else on the market that compares to Caffix.
  • When you eat and drink their delicious food and drinks, it repairs your Apple items.
  • It is a beautiful mix of rustic interiors, cutting-edge technology, and delectable dishes all under one roof.
  • A novel approach to addressing hunger and cell phones.
  • Business-related training as well as manpower recruitment.
  • Support for ongoing research and development.
  • You should eat as they repair your phone in front of you, ensuring complete accountability.
  • Ready-made technologies and operating systems are available, reducing the need to design one’s own technology, system, and procedures.
  • Value – They take great care in repairing your phones and serving you high-quality food.
  • Taste – Their food can tingle your taste buds and make you want more.
  • Caffix also offers the Sip on Selfie. You can have a print of your selfie on your coffee or shake.


  • The duration of the agreement is five years.
  • Food costs approximately 35%
  • 3 to 6 lakhs in working capital (Depends according to model)
  • Master Franchise opportunities are open.
  • 40 percent profit margin
  • The brand would include important raw materials.
  • Assist in marketing and revenue growth strategies.
  • Collaboration with online distribution partners. Software as well as a payment system.
  • This deal may be renewed by the franchise.
  • The brand will have comprehensive training.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The Caffix Franchise?

The investment of the Caffix Franchise is Rs. 10 lakhs.

What Is The Model Of The Caffix Franchise?

The model of the Caffix Franchise is Caffix SS.

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