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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) commonly known as Border Services.  It was formed on 12th December, 2003.  It has almost 14,469 employees working with the company.  The headquarter of the CBSA Company is situated in Ottawa, Ontario.  Prior to 2004, border security in Canada was handled by three legacy agencies that performed individual functions:

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA, now defunct), customs;

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (now IRCC), enforcement; and

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), import inspection at ports of entry.

Job Opportunities at the CBSA

CBSA is looking for analytical and career-minded people of all ages, with strong communication skills and a commitment to service excellence. People who are ready to take on a new challenge every day.

The company is looking to employ more Indigenous border services officers, non-uniformed employees, and leaders.  CBSA is committed to becoming a leading organization that respects, cooperates and partners with First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. They are also working on becoming a workplace of choice for Indigenous people, recognizing the valuable and unique contribution they bring to the agency.

Officer Recruitment Jobs

CBSA run recruitment events such as Central Ontario virtual career fair, BSO Recruitment Information Session, Memorial University Networking event, National Indigenous History Month information session and many more.  Anyone can register for these types of events.

Student opportunities

The CBSA takes pride in being one of the largest employers of students in the public service. Our students play an integral role at the Agency in jobs that support front line operations.

They hire students not only as student border services officers but to work in all areas of the organization including information technology, strategic policy, human resources, finance, accounting and much more.

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Did you know that every summer the Canada Border Services Agency hires students?

At international airports and mail centres in cities nationwide, they help to keep Canada safe.

Working with border services officers, they learn and enforce laws and regulations, while gaining meaningful front-line experience.

Get a head start on your career and make a difference.

Job opportunities for High School Students

Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign is open in the fall and throughout the year to graduates looking to launch or advance their career in the federal public service.

Job opportunity for post-graduates

CBSA provides job opportunity for post-graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in public policy.

Training opportunity

CBSA runs a 3-week program for Indigenous people considering a career in the Canadian Armed Forces, including hands-on military training, career and lifestyle experience.

Why you should join Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)?

A career to match your passion

Social justice issues? International development? Healthy living? Marine science? Whatever your passion or interest, the public service may have what you’re looking for.

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Make a difference

Working in the public service has real meaning and impact on the lives of Canadians. What we do matters, whether it’s pushing the boundaries of science to save lives or contributing to global security.

People and diversity matter

Strength is the diversity of our people and the ideas they generate. CBSA core values include treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness, with engagement and inclusion being the building blocks of a healthy workplace.

Your ideas are needed

The public service is undergoing major change to build a culture that encourages more innovation, new ideas and approaches, better collaboration and engagement. Be part of shaping this modern public service.


Public service jobs are not just located in Ottawa. In fact, the majority are outside the National Capital Region. There are jobs in every province and territory, and even around the world. You can work on land, at sea, or in the air.

Advance your career

You have the opportunity to build a career in the public service by tapping into networks, on-the-job training, mentoring programs, job mobility, and other career development tools. This company CBSA support life-long learning.  They even have their own Canada School of Public Service to help you develop throughout your career.

Good salaries and benefits

CBSA offers competitive salaries and benefits, such as supplemental health insurance, dental care, and vacation allowances.

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Work-life balance

The public service offers flexible work arrangements, volunteer days, family-related leave, and options such as leave with income averaging and self-funded leave.

Be part of a world-class institution

Canada’s professional, non-partisan public service is among the best in the world. To maintain this reputation, they always need new people who are talented, skilled and passionate about their work.

You can try it out

There are a number of ways to discover whether the public service is for you. CBSA is the country’s largest employer, and last year they hired over 11,000 students. Build your résumé through programs such as the Federal Student Work Experience Program, the Post-Secondary CO-OP/Internship Program or the other recruitment programs.

So, this was all about Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the various job opportunities available for everyone from students to managers.

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