Career in Hotel Management

Introduction To Hotel Management

A person can choose hotel management as a graduating degree if they’re hooked in to entering the hospitality industry. due to the glamour and luxury surrounding the work , more and more students are interested in it annually .

Hotel management course will assist you cover different aspects of a running hotel or hospitality service like sales and marketing, food and beverage, front office, accounting, food production, housekeeping and a number of other kitchen skills.

Many government and personal colleges in India offer degree and diploma courses in hotel management, which has become a lucrative and exciting course for tons of scholar.

Educational Qualification

The minimum qualification essential for opting for a degree or diploma course of hotel management is passing class 10th + 2 from any recognized university and college.

For specialisation in any specific field of hotel management, you’ll pursue certificate courses after passing class 12. For choosing postgraduate, you would like to be a graduate from any recognized hotel management university.

list of entrance exams for HM

National level entrance


State level entrance


University level entrance

  • CUET

list of colleges for hotel management

  • Oberoi centre for learning and development ,new delhi
  • (IHM ) mumbai
  • institute of hotel management catering and nutrition , pusa , new delhi
  • (WGSHA),Manipal
  • (IHM) Aurangabad
  • (IHM) Bangalore
  • Christ university
  • (IHM) ahmedabad

Career in hotel management industry

After you grow to be a hotel management graduate, a wide international of process possibilities may be open to you. for the reason that hospitality enterprise has many departments like operations, food and beverage, the front office, accounting, protection and so forth. you could pick out your chosen branch and apply for numerous jobs.

A number of the profession possibilities for hotel control are-

  • Accommodations and tourism institutions
  • Club/ restaurant management
  • Cruise deliver hotel management
  • Airline catering and cabin offerings
  • Kitchen control in accommodations
  • Front workplace control in lodge, motels
  • Hospitality services in the indian army


The starting income for any character who opts for a task instantly out of commencement is expected to be among rs. 10,000- thirteen,000 in the course of the training period. after the training period, the profits is sure to boom as in step with your performance.

Pros and cons of hotel management

  • Pros:

You can journey a lot if you take a cruise or airline hospitality management.

you may meet a variety of celebrities if you work in 5-megastar inns.there’ll in no way be a dull moment.

it’s miles an thrilling could get bonuses, commissions and could work everywhere.

  • Cons:

This isn’t a nine to 5 process. the task may be disturbing as there’s no restriction to working can be tough to thrill all clients.

you’ll need a variety of endurance.the activity isTouchy to the economy of the usa. it suffers when the economic system is down.beginning salaries may be low.whilst you start as a trainee, you need to do all of the petty jobs that you could no longer like

Management Tips

  • communicate

Miscommunication leads to mistakes and that is something you want to avoid! By keeping everyone on the same page, you are minimizing the likelihood of errors occurring. As the hospitality manager, you are the problem solver and the role model for all to follow so give out clear instructions, address concerns, and thoroughly explain procedures.

Use the subsequent methods to talk correctly:

Face-to-face: allows make a personal connection.
Conferences: enables you advantage comments from all your employees.
Video: helps tell a story due to the fact snap shots are worth 1,000 words.

  • Delegate
    Delegation is key. because the hospitality supervisor, it’s far your task to supervise all the departments however make sure that the employees document to a department head and now not the inn manager. maintain daily conferences with the branch heads so absolutely everyone is aware of what’s occurring for the day

 Create A Positive Work Environment

Treat all your employees well! This will keep them loyal to your company, which in turn helps lower the turnover rate. By creating a positive work environment, you are building comradery amongst employees who respect one another and each other’s skills. This will help employees take pride in their work because they know their co-workers admire their abilities. Creating a positive work environment is as simple as smiling, celebrating birthdays, and personal achievements like marriage, buying a new house or car, or the birth or adoption of a baby. When employees have a positive environment to work in, they feel more positive and this reflects in their work.

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