Career option after 12th / subjects ,colleges, interest and steps.

what to do after 12?

Ask any student of class 12 about their future goals and you are most than likely to get confusing answers.

Its not because they are ambitionless or have no idea about what to do in the future; it is because they do not know the steps and educational qualification they need to pursue their dream

Here the list of some courses according to their subjects .

  • BE / BTECH
  • MBBS
  • BArch
  • BCA
  • BSc (IT and software)
  • Post basic nursing
  • BPharma


  • B.COM(hons)
  • BA (Hons) business economics
  • B.COM(Pass)
  • BBA
  • BAF( bachelor of accounting and finance)
  • BBI (bachelor of banking and insurance)
  • BFM(bachelor of finance and insurance)
  • CS(company secretary)
  • CA( chartered accounted)


  • BA (bachelor of arts)
  • BFA( bachelor of fine arts)
  • BBA(bachelor of business administration)
  • BA+LLB (integrated law courses)
  • BFD( bachelor of fashion design)
  • BHM(bachelor of hotel management)
  • Mass media

Here are the some major points that student should factor in while deciding upon the best course for them are as follow.


The first thing that you simply must consider while deciding the graduation course is your interest and keenness about it. Having mental clarity about, what you would like to try to to in future and the way interested are during a particular field, will go an extended way in helping you opt your graduation course. as an example , if you’re curious about archeology but have interest in chemistry, then Art restoration or Museology could be an honest career option for you.


Before you opt which course to pursue, it’s also important to know what a course entail and what all does it cover? Simply put, you want to thoroughly understand what lies within the store for you once you join the course. this suggests understanding what subjects are going to be covered, what is going to you learn, what quite teaching pedagogy is followed during a particular graduation course. There are some ways to collect important information about the graduation course you’re getting to take up. the foremost convenient and obvious would be to speak to your seniors, siblings or parents. people that are working the fields that are almost like your interest are going to be ready to guide you the simplest .


Another major factor of consider upon deciding a college course is its future prospects.

Especially , if you are considering going for some new off beat courses it is essential to understanding the job and further study prospects that is holds .

Going for a course that matches your interests in great but you should also be mindful of the future prospects that it offers.

4 steps to plan your career

  • Get to know yourself. Identify your vision , values , interest , skills traits, and ,ability.
  • Explore your occupationals option.
  • Built your confidence.
  • Take action to achieve your goals.

steps for career planning

  • Assessment
  • Exploring
  • Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Decision making

career panning for student

It is important to come up with your career plan as it give you much needed direction and make it clear there where and you can see yourself in future.

Its make you aware of your strength and weakness and the skills and knowledge that are required to achieve your goals in future.

Criteria to settle on a Career

Passion: The word passion sounds but it’s a crucial criterion to think about before choosing a career path. If everyone follows their passion and chose a career accordingly, then the concept of a mid-career crisis wouldn’t have occurred within the first place. all folks would have dreamt of something during our childhood. We all wanted to become a police, a cricketer, an actor, a doctor or an engineer. But not everyone follows and listens to the kid in them. We ultimately hand over on our passions and choose a secure career which can give us an honest salary. Risk-taking may be a part and parcel of life and nobody should regret not doing something 80 years down the lane once they are on their death bed.

Stability: Financial stability, also as job stability, are some things that ought to be considered as a crucial criterion. Because the planet is increasingly changing and lots of industries are being taken out by emerging technologies. So before choosing a specific career path, the steadiness because the well the salary factors should be taken under consideration

Future prospects: Future prospects, both in terms of your interest within the field also the survival of the sector itself, within the next 20 years should be taken into consideration. A Mid-career crisis are often avoided if future prospects are evaluated properly. Certain industries might fall and certain might become subsequent biggest phenomenon. people that are serious about their careers choose a path which features a long-lasting prospect

Satisfaction: This is often another important factor while choosing a career path. an honest salary, a pleasant work environment and an honest location might give some people the work satisfaction they have , but there are some people that aren’t suffering from any of that. the sole thing that matters to them is that the job itself. Usually, employment that’s socially helpful is that the ones that provide true satisfaction.

7 Best Study Tips for school Students

  • Good Notes = Good Grades. The correlation between good notes and good study habits is undeniable.
  • Stay Organized. Keep an in depth calendar with all of your commitments, including classwork, social events and extracurricular activities.
  • Unplug and Reconnect.
  • Don’t Cram.
  • Don’t Over-Study.
  • Find Your Zone.
  • Take a Break!

All the simplest my dear student. Dear, my true success are going to be seeing you during a better position. Wishing you’ll be a successful person in life, which will be the simplest gift on behalf of me . So exerting and achieve your success.

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