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We all wear clothes, they impact how we think about ourselves and how others perceive us. Once we were all dressed by someone else, parents pick us a t-shirt, the school dictate what colors our uniforms should be. but some point we were grown to the opportunity to discover who we might be in the world of clothes. We have to decide for ourselves about colors and necklines, fit-colors and textures and what Do’s and Doesn’t with what. We learn to speak about ourselves in the language of garments. Base o our looks or background others are always liable to come to quicken not very decision about who we are.

About Cotton King Store in India

Cotton king – is a Brand identified with Success, Trust, Quality and Excellence. The brand are 100% Cotton, Maximum Variety in Cotton for its customers. Started in 1996, Cotton king is a brand with a difference. However, they only focus on 100% Cotton garments for men.

Cotton King Pune-base manufacturer is about to expand. Currently, they have a network of 150 exclusive brand stores in 4 Indian states and More than 3000 varieties in 100% Cotton. they even opened an online store to accommodate those customers that are no time for shopping.

What Are Benefits of Starting Cotton King Store in India

Cotton King has the largest variety in 100% cotton, sharp focus on 100% cotton products, Wide dealer network, Strong media presence and Cost leadership due to the lean supply chain.

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The journey of Cotton King:

The journey begins in 1996 with a first brand store in Nal Shop, Pune and after a few years they built a modern manufacturing facility commissioned at Baramati and that was in 2011. In 2006 they opened 10 Cotton King exclusive brand store across Maharashtra by 2016 until the brand becomes popular and reached 100 brand stores in Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. This year 150th store inaugurated presence in 5 states of India.

How Much Is Cost For Cotton King Store in India

With the flr area of 500 – 2000 Sq.ft investment of around INR 5 Lac – 10 Lac

What Are Requirements For Cotton King Store in India

How Much Area Is Required For Cotton King Store in India

Type of property required for this franchise opportunity – Commercial
Floor area requirement – 500-2000 Sq.ft
The preferred location of unit franchised outlet – a well-known place

TRAINING DETAILS For Cotton King Store in India

Detailed operating manuals for franchisees
Franchisee training location
Is field assistance available for franchisee
Expert guidance from Head Office to a franchise in opening the franchise
Current IT systems will be included in the franchise

AGREEMENT & TERM DETAILS For Cotton King Store in India

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How long is the franchise term for? – 1 Year
Is the term renewable? – Yes

What Are Profit Margin In Cotton King Store in India

Anticipated percentage return on investment 50 %

What Are Contact Details for Cotton King Store in India


Phone No.:

9765086622 / 9923800524



Pin: 411004


RMRC: 70133

Condition: Maharashtra

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Address 2:


Phone No2: 0202431266/67

Region: West

MEMB_REG: Mumbai

EXP_TYPE: Manufacturer Exporter

EXP_MEM: Registered Exporter

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