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The first thing study demands from you, is your interest in it, your willingness or more exactly your thirst for learning. It is the desire or love of student for study which enables him to sit to study for hours and learn more and more.

You should have the desire to learn. Desire to learn enables you to sacrifice for study and manage time for study.

It enables you to study anywhere, any time. It creates a sense of responsibility in you about study, a sign of success.

It puts you in sense of competition to learn more and more. It make you generate new ideas and techniques for study, how to study effectively, how to concentrate, how to manage time for study. In short, it makes study your habit.

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If you don’t have the desire or the thirst for learning, you study just to pass the exam, such study is no use because you take it as a burden on you.

With such study you can just pass the exam with low grades or sometime you even fail.

Aim of study is to get distinction in exam with high grades, which is only possible if you have the love or thirst to learn.

Some students have this quality as in-born quality. Others adopt it by practice.

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