Eduisfun Franchise In India Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

Eduisfun Franchise In India Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

At the Eduisfun franchise, they think that every child is unique and deserves a personalized learning experience. 

About Eduisfun Franchise

They are a group of techies (alumni of IIT / IIM / Ex-EA Sports, Disney India, etc.) who have formed Eduisfun. Through games, they hope to make learning enjoyable, simple, and accessible to everybody. In keeping with this generation’s tech-savvy character, They want to create a one-of-a-kind, well-researched learning experience. Today’s youth is technologically adept, and children devote a significant amount of their time and energy to gaming. 

They are unimpressed by the traditional learning method since there is a need to make learning more engaging, relevant, and charismatic in order to hold their attention for an extended period of time. Without a doubt, the fun factor of video games keeps children hooked on them for a long time and allows them to learn its nitty-gritty with ease. That is why they developed a new idea of “Play to Learn” to make education more engaging to children.

They make it simple for children to understand each topic in their curriculum in a short period of time. Students will be given an edugames kit to assist them to continue gamified learning throughout the school year. They assist students in raising their academic standards by identifying weak areas and giving corrective solutions. They guarantee that this method of learning will be transformative and will alter students’ attitudes toward academics.

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Eduisfun Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 5 lakhs
Area Required1500 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 2 lakhs

Features Of Eduisfun Franchise

  • Eduisfun provides high-quality content in the form of Gamified Learning Slate/ Kit with games structured as quests full of mysteries, currencies, challenges, and prizes for Class 1 to Class 10th CBSE/ ICSE/ SSC and Olympiad.
  • Chapters combined with games for the tech-savvy age to make learning more enjoyable in accordance with the curriculum of the appropriate board.
  • An adaptive software that enables students to grasp one topic at a time in order to reach their maximum potential.
  • Eduisfun’s brand offers a platform for better-gamified learning. With them, you can learn more about becoming one of the world’s best entrepreneurs!!

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Come with them! Make your aspirations a reality! Grow with them and attain your objectives!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The Eduisfun Franchise?

The investment of the Eduisfun Franchise is Rs. 5 lakhs.

What Is The Agreement Term Time Period Of The Eduisfun Franchise?

The agreement term period of the Eduisfun Franchise is 2 years.

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