Fabric Whitener Liquid Blue Making Business | SkillsAndTech

Fabric Whitener Liquid Blue Making Business | SkillsAndTech

From every lower class household to modern and expanding industries, from every kid to every CEO of a booming company owns a pair or two of those eye-shutting white clothes in their closet and require something to maintain that brightness and that’s where the Fabric whitener (liquid blue) comes in.

The fabric care industry has been a booming sector in India because of the pre existing mindset of Indians to maintain stain free white clothes as shown by all the traditional fabric whitener advertisements like Rin, Nirma etc

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The fabric whitener liquid blue has not only provided the benefit of white clothes and maintained quality but also opened up the market for many professions for example : laundry startups, small scale bleaching and whitening outlets,

Giving you more than just reasons to get into this Fabric whitener (liquid blue) making businessMarket potential and uses

The market potential for a fabric whitener is vast and at a prosperity stage as long as the clothing industry keep  producing white clothes, trousers etc

A fabric whitener liquid blue when added to water, it’s advanced bleach release oxygen which helps in removing tough stains giving you white clothes making it easier for you to own white clothes by keeping the quality intact

This type of liquid blue fabric whitener makes it easier to get rid of stains and wash off the clothes of materials:

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  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Synthetic
  • Silk

Thai fabric whitener blue has been required by today’s generation because of large urban population, budget savoury working class consumers who aim at conscious purchasing with sophisticated taste having a low maintenance cost

Where the fabric whitener/blue does the job

Moreover these properties of fabric whitener blue has contributed to the demand for these product

  • Intact quality
  • Mildness
  • Immediate cleanliness

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  • Whitening uniforms
  • Getting rid  of stains from clothes, curtains, table clothes etc
  • Bleaching off the pale of the office formals etc
  1. Licenses required

The licenses required to set up this business are:

  • NOC by the state pollution control board
  • MSME registration
  • GST registration
  • Trade license

Table of Contents

Investment required

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This fabric whitener liquid blue making business can be set up under an investment of ₹50000

  1. Profits made

The profits made from this business would be around ₹20000-₹30000

  • Target consumers

The target consumers for a fabric whitener blue liquid are:

  • Hostels and campuses: The students and staff of the hostels and university require liquid blue to keep the products clean, white and maintained
  • Hotels and hospitals: These make use of liquid blue for the purpose of effective cleaning of staff uniforms, and patients and consumers
  • Laundry service companies: These require the liquid blue to fulfil their services expected by their customers of providing stain free clothes, with the quality left intact and of a neat appeal
  • Supermarkets: Because it’s a supermarket and has aisles of various household products they require fabric whiteners to meet the cloth- cleaning needs of the consumers

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  • Retail stores: The grocery and kirana shops which deal in meeting the basic consumer needs of cleanliness, food etc would also require this fabric whitener to keep their target and loyal customers close.
  • Area required

The area required to set up a fabric whitener liquid blue making business is approximately 300 sq ft

  • Raw materials required

The raw material required to set up this business is:

  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Acetic acid 40%
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Essence
  • Stir rod
  • Jars
  • Dyes

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  • Machinery required

The machinery required to set up a fabric whitener liquid blue making business is:

  • Sitters
  • Beakers
  • Plastic drums and buckets
  1. Manpower required

The manpower required for this business is as follows

  • 2- skilled workers
  • 3- unskilled workers

Moreover ample trading to these workers must be provided with in terms of:

  • Equipment handling
  • Machinery usage
  • Safety and precaution measures
  • Business model and growth

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The business model of a fabric whitener liquid blue making business can be defined using these 4 variants

  1. Value proposition: The value which a fabric whitener/blue making business is likely to get to you is:
  • Minimal investment, easily available raw material and massive sales
  • It’s expanding applications as toilet cleaners, tiles cleaner, industrial equipment etc instilling a huge demand for this product
  1. Target consumers: The target consumers for this business are as follows:
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Laundry services
  • Hostels and campuses
  • Retail stores
  • Supermarkets

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  1. Competitor review: The competition in this industry is aggressive with the following brands competing:
  • Clorox
  • Rin
  • NIXY
  • Naturalcare
  • IFB
  1. Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that your fabric whitener blue making business could implement is as follows:
  • Advertisements: Tv commercials, celebrity endorsements, billboards
  • Sales promotion: offers, discounts, cash backs
  • PR: tie ups with charities, NGOs etc


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The fabric whitener liquid blue making business has witnessed and has the potential for the following growth prospects:

  • The fabric care market of India is expected to be value at ₹2211.5 crore and growing at a CAGR of more than 13% by 2023
  • Moreover with the  growing urban working class population comes demand for white formal clothes which fosters demand for time saving fabric whitener liquid blues
  • Profit margin

This fabric whitening liquid blue making business is likely to yield a profit margin of

  • Suggestions

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Now that you have the liquid blue fabric whitener don’t stress about your white clothes and for the stress of the decision to whether or not to take up this business opportunity, we’ll wash away your doubts here

  • Firstly, the investment involved in the fabric whitener liquid blue  making business is  very minimal as ₹50000 and provides massive sales
  • Secondly, the growing working class and demand for white and formal clothes is likely to yield you a large demand from all sectors commercial, hospitality etc
  • Lastly, The target demand for this is not only limited to the domestic consumers but can also aid to foreign needs because of its  cost cutting advantage
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