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Go Gas Dealership In Delhi, Cost, Profit, Investment | SkillsAndTech

Go Gas Dealership is another great Initiative of the Central Government towards the Nation. The coronavirus Pandemic has had a devastating effect on the overall economy of the Nation. It has impacted almost all the essential spheres of life. Startups and businesses suffered severe shutdown, vendors and hawkers lost their means of livelihood; millions got laid off from their jobs. The Government of India has always taken steps to encourage employment and restore the Nation’s deteriorated condition.

Go Gas dealership is the Government’s brilliant effort to encourage needy people to take up the dealership as a part of the business and secure a living means. The initiative is a way of obtaining employment for disadvantaged people. Go Gas dealership is one of the best ways to promote the entrepreneurship environment in the country. Entrepreneurship is the most efficient way to contribute to the economy and secure a stable life. The land that suffered a lot in the Covid-19 phase badly needed any such bold step. The Government of India has played an exemplary role by indulging in the current strategy of Go Gas Dealership.

About Go Gas Dealership

The country’s largest company, Go gas, has begun giving dealerships (The country’s largest company Go Gas has started the process of providing dealerships). If anyone is interested and is thinking of starting their own business, they can take its dealership under Go Gas Agency.

LPG Gas Company Go Gas has come forward to cover every household, hotel & Restaurants and provide them with clean cooking fuels. At this time, Go gas is inviting the Go Gas Dealership Application form. Under the scheme, they give the Go Gas Dealership at three levels: Super Distributor, District Distributor & Retail Outlet / Office.

What Are Benefits of Starting Go Gas Dealership

  • Blast Proof – The unique feature of Go Gas Dealership Cylinders is that it is 100% safe for the people as the houses’ standard gas cylinders may burst out of carelessness. But under the scheme, there is no way it can explode. So it has the quality to defend your family from any danger.
  • Lose weight – The weight of the standard cylinder used in homes is hefty and not manageable to move. LPG Go Gas Cylinder is significantly lighter in weight than other LPG cylinders. Its unique feature is that you can easily lift it anywhere.
  • Rust-free – This cylinder never rusts. It is different from other LPG cylinders. The color and design of this cylinder are perfect. The hinges & regulators in it make its design unique and easy to use.
  • Low Price – This gas cylinder is manufactured with the highest technology under the Go Gas Dealership. Its price is comparatively less than other gas cylinders, due to which all people can easily afford this cylinder.
    As you know that there is no way of knowing the quantity of gas in the houses’ cylinders, gas theft is common these days, but through Go Gas Dealership measuring mechanism, one can quickly get to know the same.

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Go Gas Dealership Levels Go Gas Dealership

Under the Go Gas Dealership, the company provides the dealership in three manners as mentioned below:

Super Distributor

  • The Super distributor shall be in Direct coordination with the company and appoint District Distributors under its defined territories.
  • The District Distributors need to conform to the policies as laid down by the Go Gas Dealership.
  • The Super distributor needs to ensure the transfer and exchange of Empty/Refilled Cylinders from the company plant to its godown.
  • He shall also be responsible for ensuring the availability of logistics for its accommodation. Necessary statutory licenses & safety measures to purchase, store, and operate LPG’s business in confirmation to the requirements of concerned legal and governmental bodies is a must.

District Distributor

  • The District distributor shall coordinate with the super distributor and appoint Retail Outlets under its defined region.
  • These Retail Outlets will also have to conform to the policies as laid down below by Go Gas. The Retail
  • Outlets may also be suggested by us using direct inquiries received by us.
  • The District Distributor needs to ensure the transfer and exchange of Empty/Refilled cylinders from the
  • Godown of the Super Distributor to its own. He will further be responsible for ensuring the availability of sufficient logistics at his end.
  • He must also take all necessary statutory licenses & safety measures to purchase, store, & operate LPG’s business to comply with the legal requirements.

Retail Distributor

  • The Retail Outlet must be in direct coordination with the District Distributor.
  • It will take bookings for the gas connections directly from consumers like Commercial Users in the defined region.
  • The Retail Outlet needs to ensure the transfer and exchange of Empty/Refilled cylinders from the Godown of the District Distributor to its own.
  • He will also be responsible for ensuring sufficient logistics at his end to deliver and pick up empty/Filled Cylinders from the customer End. He must comply with all the legal requirements.

How Much Is Cost For Go Gas Dealership


  1. For Commercial Cylinder.
  • Investment for construction of Godown (5000 sqft) = 4,00,000/- (In case you have take your godown then consider monthly rent approx. 1 Lac)
  • Procurement of License from PESO Department = 60,000/-
  • Office Accessories like computer, Printer, CCTV etc = 1,00,000/-

For 200 numbers of empty Commercial cylinder Deposit (21 Kg) @ Rs 2100

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Total deposit for 200 cylinders = Rs 420,000/-

Gas cost of per Kg for Commercial LPG Cylinder @ Rs 55/-

Total Cost for filling 200 cylinders = Rs 2, 31,000/-

Total Investment required for Commercial LPG Dealership will be Rs 13, 11,000/-

Note: You can start minimum from 150 cylinder depends on size of market of your area.


Monthly Expenses
Particulars of ExpensesPer Month (in Rs)
Tata Ace (Delivery Van)15000
Driver cum loader/unloader12000
Petrol / Diesel5000
Sales Person for Marketing10000
Mis. Expenses5000
Total Monthly Expenses49000/-

For 300 numbers of empty Composite cylinder (Elite) Deposit (10 Kg) @ Rs 1800

Total deposit for 300 cylinders = Rs 5,40,000/-

Gas cost of per Kg for Elite LPG Cylinder @ Rs 38.5/-

Total Cost for filling 300 cylinders = Rs 1, 15,000/-

Total Investment required for Elite LPG Dealership will be Rs 6, 55,500/-

What Are Requirements For Go Gas Dealership

Important Documents To apply For Go Gas Dealership

So you can take a look on the full list of documents which are needed to apply for Go Gas dealership:-

  • The duplicate copy of Applicant’s Aadhar Card ( This is a mandatory )
  • Bank Details of the candidates
  • Residential proof ( Aadhar, Pan, Voter Id )
  • Annual Income Details
  • Details about the Land Area of candidate
  • Infrastructure of the Business
  • Passport size self attested photographs of the candidate
  • Registered mobile number of candidate

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  • Trade license form Respective authority.
  • PESO (Petroleum & Explosive Department) License for cylinder storage.
  • GST Certificate.

If Loan required, then Additional documents required.

  • Last 3 years ITR
  • Pan Card
  • Audit report (If Pvt ltd)
  • Land paper of Godown for Cylinder storage.
  • Bank Statement for last 1 year (Current/Saving A/C)

What Are Profit Margin In Go Gas Dealership

Go Gas will provides Rs 8 /- on per Kg LPG

i.e. for 21 kg = 8 x 21= Rs 168 (without deduction of  GST)

Gross profit will be per cylinder (21 Kg) = Rs 168 / –

Elite Vs Metal:

Sr. NoFeaturesElite CylinderMetal Cylinder
1.SafetyBlast ProffCan act as bomb in case of fire
2.Weight50% less weightHeavy & difficult to handle
3.LookElegant & StylishRusty & Old
4.Usage of gasEasily seenDifficult to monitor
5.TechnologyLatest & NewOld
6.RustRust proofRusty due to metal body

Go Gas will provides Rs 20 /- on per Kg Elite gas

i.e. for 10 kg = 20 x 10= Rs 200 (without deduction of GST)

Gross profit will be per cylinder (10 Kg) = Rs 200 / –

Monthly Expenses
Particulars of ExpensesPer Month (in Rs)
Salary Driver6000
EMI & Petrol Expenses of TVS two wheeler2000
E rickshaw EMI5000
Primary Transportation Charges6400
Mis. Expenses5000
Total Monthly Expenses26400/-

How To Apply For Go Gas Dealership

Interested beneficiaries who want to register online for Go Gas dealership need to follow the method-

Step 1-The applicant has to visit the Go Gas dealership’s official website. After visiting their official website, the home page will open.

Step 2- On this home page, the applicant will see the option of Contact us. They have to click on the given option. After clicking on the option, the front page shall re-open before them.

Step 3-They have to enter the information as required, such as name, email address, and mobile number; after this, they have to check the dealership, and if they want to take Connection, you have to check the Connection. Then you have to enter your message.

Step 4-After filling in all the information, they have to click on the Send Now button at the end. In this manner, they can register.

What Are Contact Details for Go Gas Dealership

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Suppose an individual is interested in getting a Go Gas dealership. They need to contact the mobile number below to receive full information about (Go Gas Agency Dealership). To get more information about this, they can go to its official website and download its full brochure. There is an online provision also to have Go Gas Dealership. They can directly go to the form and submit the same.

  • Office Phone Number :-712-3250318, 319
  • Fax Number :– 712-6612083
  • WhatsApp number : 8888802167, 8530574004
  • Customer Support : 8767770780, 7620250251, 7666555560
  • Official Email :info@confidencegroup.co / gogas@confidencegroup.co
  • Help Desk Number: –  (+91) 76202-50251


Where is the Headquarter of Go Gas Agency?

The Headquarter of Go Gas Agency is in Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, India.

Which company is associated with Go Gas?

Confidence Petroleum India Limited, one of the best company in India, which is manufacturing LPG bottlers and LPG Cylinders.

Can we contact on number given in the article for any quires?

Yes, you can contact on number given in our article to know about the gas connection or dealership.

What the Services Provided by GO Gas in Franchise?

You can take Dealership of Auto LPG, Cooking Gas LPG Franchise Provided.

What is the Contact Number of GO Gas?

You can Contact With Company on 0712-6606492 Number. You can contact with Email info@confidencegroup.co.


If implemented appropriately, the scheme can be proved to be beneficial in the long run. With one arrow, it targets many purposes. The plan is a great effort and shall prove to be fruitful for society and Nation’s development.

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