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Education has become the key in today’s life. In earlier days, students were admitted in schools as late as they were 5 years of age. Now the trend is to admit small kids in an environment that is congenial to their early growth which incidentally equips them to go to regular school.

About Hello Kids Franchise

Play schools provide such a congenial and friendly environment to children. While there are many play schools in India, Hello Kids is the best among them. We provide here some important information about becoming the Franchise of Hello Kids Play School in India.

What Are Benefits of Starting Hello Kids Franchise

  • As the HELLO KIDS is an experienced organization, the franchise can learn from them.
  • Association with a nationally recognized brand in pre-school.
  • A centralized system for designing curriculum & procurement of books, study materials, prospectuses, advertisements etc, from the HELLO KIDS which saves Money.
  • Technical assistance in establishing infrastructures.
  • The fast launch of the project with the help of our team of designers, suppliers, and workers.Expert guidance and support from the corporate headquarters team which is a mix of Ph.D., MBA holders and members of other franchises.
  • Continuous guidance to solve the day to day problems and ideas for the upgrading of infrastructure.
  • Planning, designing and supervising the layout of interiors.

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  • Local marketing support.
  • Training of personnel through an orientation programme for adaptation to the HELLO KIDS way.

How Much Is Cost For Hello Kids Franchise

For the kind of established brand Hello Kids is, the initial investment requirement is very low. To become a Franchise for Hello Kids in rural areas the cost requirement ranges between 2.5 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs. For becoming a Hello Franchise in Urban areas, the cost requirement is 3.5 Lakhs to 4.5 Lakhs. Whichever way it is looked at, the total investment at any point of time is not more than 10 Lakhs.

What Are Requirements For Hello Kids Franchise

How Much Area Is Required For Hello Kids Franchise

Hello Kids recommends to go in for a minimum of 1000 Sq Ft space to start a Franchise. Hello Kids being an established brand with all required approvals in place, conducting classes between U.K.G to Montessori Level 3 does not create requirement for the Franchise to apply for any approvals from Government for the same.

What are the skills or experience required to run a Hello Kids franchise school

The staff members on the team should be good with handling kids. The teachers should have patience while dealing with children, should be a good listener and should also be able to build a strong and honest relationship with the children in order to create a safe and secure environment for them. The staff members present at the pre-school should be well-versed with first aid skills in case of any emergencies.

Where are the Hello Kids regions of operations

The school currently is operational in over 25 states with more than 285 branches in India.

What is the training required to run a Hello Kids pre-school franchise

The head office provides detailed operating manuals to each of its franchisees so that the management understands the guidelines of how the pre-school works. A training curriculum is provided at the franchise location through an orientation programme to each of its members so that they understand how the school operates. Infield assistance and expert guidance are also provided to the franchise school so that the pre-school run without any glitch.

What is the minimum staff requirement at Hello Kids franchise pre-school

The minimum number of staff required at a Hello Kids pre-school is about 10 to 15 employees.

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What Are Profit Margin In Hello Kids Franchise

Hello Kids offer exclusive area right to each of its Franchise. This being the case, if 40 to 50 students are trained constantly in the Franchise in every class, 100% break even may be possible within a short span of time.

How To Apply For Hello Kids Franchise

The application process to open Hello Kids preschool franchise is quite simple. Simply visit the official website of Hello Kids preschool (franchise page and fill in the online franchise enquiry form. Hello Kids management will get back to you if they find you a suitable applicant.

Apply Here

What Are Contact Details for Hello Kids Franchise

3M-213,3rd Floor Govind Narayani Tower
East Of NGEF,Service Road
Kasturi Nagar Outer Ring Road
Bangalore – 560043, Karnataka,India

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Franchisee Enquiry:
Admission / General Enquiry:


This article gives you a detailed insight into how a person can become eligible to own a Hello Kids pre-school franchise. The school’s curriculum and teaching aides turn education into a fun-based learning experience for children. The school focuses on giving children high quality and researched study material to ensure a bright future. Thus Hello Kids is by far the best franchise opportunity an individual can invest in if he/she wants to create a name for themselves in the Indian pre-school market.

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