House Of Cafe Franchise Cost, Profit, Wiki, How to Apply | SkillsAndTech

House Of Cafe Franchise Cost, Profit, Wiki, How to Apply | SkillsAndTech

House Of Cafe Franchise is the first premium brand owned by India. A new and interesting creation. 

About House Of Cafe

The firm’s strong presence with its well-known brands such as Chaat Adda, Chicken Adda, Master Shake, Dostea, Eggoholic, 1975 Burger ‘O’ Factory, and 1964 Meals Factory, at the level of the pan-Indian, with identifiable names tends to do well when they are built in a portable region.

Chain customers tend to be extremely loyal to the restaurant, and its franchising firm offers a great deal of training and help in the building and management of its own store. The company has an amazing brand sensitivity that draws national customers. The chain also has an extensive peer network, of whom 35 percent have over 25 years of expertise.

This support system is useful in the construction of a company. Their excellent shop environment, which is informative, bright, and always engaging, clearly shows the House Of Cafe brand experience.

They love their team and their ever-changing menu of House Of Cafe, Basket chaat, Chicken Tikka, Seekh kabab and Shakes, Sandwich, Meal-Combo, Bhurji, Egg Maggi, Pizza, Frisk and more.Their clients adore their team (the Houses of Cafe) and their constantly changing dishes of House Of Cafe.

House Of Cafe Franchise Model

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InvestmentRs. 18 lakhs
Area Required500 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 8 lakhs
ModelFine Dine-in

Features Of House Of Cafe Franchise

  • GST will apply to each payment in accordance with government rules.
  • The overall investment depends on the size and design of the region (Sq.ft.)
  • The analysis foundation is the expense referred to.
  • An excitement to serve high-quality meals. With a commercial property owned, rented, or rented in an excellent location.
  • About 500 + Sqft. with the following basic services such as electricity, water, etc.
  • High footprint areas such as bus stops, train stations, shopping malls, markets, or squares close to schools and colleges would be preferable, or any other dense residential area.
  • Capacity to invest roughly 15 to 16 lakh Indian Rupees based on infrastructure

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The House Of Cafe Franchise?

The investment of the House of Cafe Franchise is Rs. 18 lakhs.

What Is The Model Of The House Of Cafe Franchise?

The model of the House of Cafe Franchise is Fine Dine-in.

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