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The most important thing, productive study needs, is your interest. You can study if you have thirst for learning and love for it. Let me tell you “how to develop interest in study”.

The only thing which can change you easily is your own way of thinking. If you want to develop your interest in your study, focus on yourself and think how to do it.

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  • Think like a responsible person
  • Think in a way which motivates you
  • Think how much you are sincere to yourself being a student.
  • Have inspirational thoughts
  • Have maturity in your thoughts
  • Have realistic and pragmatic approach towards your study
  • Be in a sense of competition in terms of study
  • Realize the goals of study and role of study in your life
  • Think creatively

Accept you can do anything if you work hard. Nothing is denied to well directed labor, nothing is to be obtained with out.
Arrange your priorities and see which priority is most important, being a student it is “study”.

Identity of student is “study”. Recognize your identity and adhere to it. Recognize who you are and how much you are sincere to yourself. If you are student, no activity other than study values to you more. Study is the only activity, you should concern wit.

Realize the importance of study and role of study in your life. Realize that your primary and foremost duty is study. Realizing these facts enhances your interest in study. Be serious and particular about your study.

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Have love in your your for study. Never ignore the ground reality that you are a student and you have to study.

Don’t deceive yourself because if you don’t study it is your own loss. Never shirk work. Come out of the illusion. Don’t live in fool paradise. You are a student and you have to study, accept it and make study your habit.

You have certain goals attached to your study. Study socializes you, gives you insight and broadens your vision. You have to work hard.

You have to become a productive person in future who can serve the mankind, his family and himself. Your future is purely based on your study. Your family has high hopes from as well as people of society have expectations from you. Your dreams are based on your study.

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A well known saying about dream is “Dream is not what we see while we sleep; it is something which does not let us sleep”. To make your dreams come true you have to sacrifice even your sleep. Make up your mind that you have to work hard and achieve success at any cost.Problems are same for all students.

It depends on you, how nicely you handle problems. Never fear problems in the way of your study. Have strong determination to tackle problems.

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Never decide at first glance that it is difficult. Go ahead and see the improvement. Try, try and try again to make up your deficiencies. Even if you fail, don’t lose heart. Start again with stronger determination. Failure does not mean “to stumble” but it means “not to get up after you stumble”.

You should not stop if you fail one time, start again. Make stumbling blocks your stepping stones which raise you to success. Success lies in the ability to stand firm as a rock under all circumstances. Be ambitious. Develop the sense of competition. For instance, consider the student in your class who stands first in class and who get higher grades than you. Think why you can’t get higher marks than him.

Has he two brain or four eyes? No, the only reason is that he is more interested in study than you are interested in study. You can get higher marks than him if you think how to make it possible. George Reeves says “you can if you think you can”. It means possibility of anything depend on your thinking.

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If you think that you can do it, you can surely do it. Have confidence in yourself and work hard. Nothing can divert you from your purpose.

Have one successful person as your ideal personality and think how did he become successful? Follow his the way which made him successful. Meet successful people and talk to them how they succeeded.

They give you inspiration. It enhances your interest in your study. You should have the desire to learn. Desire to learn enables you to sacrifice for study and manage time for study.

It enables you to study anywhere, any time. It creates a sense of responsibility in you about study, a sign of success. It puts you in sense of competition to learn more and more. It make you generate new ideas and techniques for study, how to study effectively, how to concentrate, how to manage time for study. In short, it makes study your habit.

If you don’t have the desire or the thirst for learning, you study just to pass the exam, such study is no use because you take it as a burden on you. With such study you can just pass the exam with low grades or sometime you even fail. Aim of study is to get distinction in exam with high grades, which is only possible if you have the love or thirst to learn.


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