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How To Do Business With Uber | SkillsAndTech

People have begun to compare the money out of this company’s business to be a lavish-dinner worthy with that of an Infosys’s employee pay check. Run by lakhs of people in Chandigarh to make some extra green bucks from this loaded side hustle and reserving a space on every phone screen,

Uber cabs is giving you a chance to whisk the cream while it bakes the cake to get some tips going on.

So, here’s today’s article on

How to do business with Uber cabs

Uber cabs, an American multinational ride-hailing company allowing people to commute from one place to another at some price has around 75 million active riders across the world out of which India constitutes for 5 million active riders.

This article is going to cover all the major and only required aspects beginning from :

      I.            Types of services offered by Uber cabs to its customers

Ø Economy rides

·        UberX

·        UberXL

·        Uber select

·        Uber comfort

·        Uber pool

·        Uber express pool

Ø Premium rides

·        Uber black

·        Uber black SUV

   II.            Businesses options offered by Uber cabs to its customers

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Uber cabs have been in demand more than ever because of the heavy urban traffic, hassle against parking fines,  late night parties and responsibility drinking or simply out of laziness to drive those wheels.

When thought about it, this nature of demand exists because of the quality, price, security and trust that has helped Uber grow on people. So much so that sometimes we just can resist a quick nap on the back of an Uber seat.

                              i.            Convert your private car into a commercial vehicle

We bet you just want to be your own boss and with option made available by Uber now you can.

 Take advantage of your free time or a lazy Sunday and help your community get rides while you get some income from this side hustle, that too just by driving around the city.

And guess what! If you don’t want to drive but put your car to use Uber helps you find a driver as well.


·        As per regulation, every Indian car that operates as a commercial car has to have a commercial license

·        The conversion process of your car into an Uber car take around 7-20 days

·        The price depending on various models can vary between ₹4000-₹24000

For city per details, here’s the information

Vehicle update/addition

Incase you want add or update a vehicle to your Uber account, the steps are as follows:

·        Head to the link below

·        Select VEHICLES

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·        Tap the ADD VEHICLE button

·        Add the vehicle’s make, model, license year, interior colour and exterior colour

·        Tap “finish uploading documents” to upload the documents for your vehicle


·        Increase your earnings by put your car to use in your free hours

·        You choose your hours-Drive when you want

·        Become an entrepreneur

There are three ways to earn

·        Driver cum owner:

A driver-cum-owner drives a vehicle that he or she owns. Requirements surely vary city by city but the minimal ones are as follows:

§  Vehicle registration certificate

§  Vehicle insurance

§  Commercial driving license with badge

§  Vehicle fitness certificate

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§  Vehicle permit

·        Non driving partner:

A non driving partner or a fleet is the one who doesn’t drive on the Uber platform but owns a vehicle and manages atleast one driver. The minimal requirements are

§  Driving license and a photo ID

§  Vehicle registration certificate

§  Vehicle insurance

§  Contract carriage permit

·        Driver under partner

A driver under partner drives a vehicle owned by a non-driving partner. Minimal requirements are:

§  Commercial driving license with badge

                            ii.            Uber driver

As an Uber driver, with the Uber vehicle marketplace you get an access  to rental car options so you can drive and earn using the Uber app.

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You’ll be spending most of your time on the road on the platform with the largest network of Uber drivers.

·        Be atleast 18 years old·        Valid driver’s license (private or commercial)·        Visit the nearest partner seva Kendra in your city
·        Clear a background screening·        Proof of residency in your city, state or province·        Submit your documents (Aadhar card, PAN Card) and a photo
·        Car documents like vehicle insurance, vehicle registration certificate and permit·        Provide information for a background check

Tips to make an efficient earning through this business option:

·        Know your local market

·        Driver the right kind of car

·        Don’t chase the surge fare

·        Uses back to back rides

III.            Payments for these types of businesses

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1.     Calculation :

Your earning = Fare – ( Uber fee + service tax )

Uber fee refers to the 20% commission that Uber takes.

2.     Bonuses

Uber has rescinded its trip incentive plan and cake up with a new plan for bonus I.e the BG ( Business guarantee )

The BG plans is as follows :

·        Get INR 8400BG for 2360

·        Get INR 6800 BG for 1980

·        Get INR 6000 BG for 1750

·        Get INR 5500 BG for 1140

·        Get INR 3800 BG for 1220

·        Get INR 2500 BG for 840

·        Get INR 1200 BG for 460

3.     Surge charge

Another payment  benefit you’re likely to get is through the surge fee.

Surge usually occurs when the demand for cabs is high and therefore justifying the high prices you can charge for being available then.

The best way of taking advantage of this is by implementing a schedule


For example you’ve given 10 rides per day and that gets your total earning for the day to be around ₹2000₹200 being per ride

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Now, you’ve heard about the ongoing surge benefits from one your local Uber driver friends and about how you can be available in the area and at the time the demand for an Uber is high

You think of providing 5 usual rides at ₹200 per rides and another 5 rides during a surge which is likely to improve your earning from ₹2000 per day to ₹3000 per day

That means you’ll be earning double the money during a surge.

IV.            Suggestions

Still wondering whether or not  to take a ride with this business ?

·        Well,  for starters as a side hustle or as a full day job this business with Uber is likely to help you make some good money

·        Also, an association with Uber with such brand reputation and global reachability is an opportunity of its own.

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