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If you, like many other people in the country, share a love for momos and want to invest your money in a momo restaurant chain and become the owner of a momo outlet, then this is the right place for you. This article will give you information about the Wow Momo franchise and tell you about its features. The article will help you in making the decision as to why you should choose Wow! Momo and invest your money in this company.

People in India love food and they eat and appreciate cuisines from places all over the world. One cuisine that is vastly popular in India is Chinese cuisine. People love eating Chinese food items whether it is Manchurian, noodles, man chow soup, etc. But one Chinese food item that has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years is momos. The rise of momos as a food item in India is nothing less than spectacular to watch.

A vast variety of momos are made and sold in India like veg momos, chicken momos, paneer momos, tandoori momos, fried momos, etc. One restaurant chain that comes to the top when it comes to momos in India is Wow! Momo. Wow! Momo, in a short period of time, has managed to gain a lot of popularity among the momo lovers of India. The company, with its delicious food items and high-quality customer service, has managed to gain a huge and loyal customer base in the country.


•  Wow! Momo was established in 2008 by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, graduates of St. Xavier’s college back then

• It started as a 36 sq Ft kiosk in Spencer’s supermarket in Kolkata, turning in monthly revenue of ₹60000 in the first month. 

• It began its expansion in malls of Kolkata itself, initially then ventured out of its home turf and opened stores in 16 other cities of the country.

• Unaware of the rules, but Wow! Momo became an exception starting with an investment of just ₹30000 to where it is at with ₹100 crores.  

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What Are Benefits of Starting  Wow! Momo Franchise : 

1) Routine profits: increasing demand for Grab and go food ( salad, momos, box meals)  is likely to foster everyday profits 

2) Perks of varying consumer tastes: Wow momo has a vibrant menu for each of its types of consumers from gluten-free, vegetarian to non-vegetarian, so the demand is always met and rising.

3) Minimal operations : With wow momo providing a centralized kitchen in every city, makes your and your employees work as minimal as possible 

4) Perks of stall based fast-food chain : its stalls/ units are based in supermarket chains like Spencer’s, big bazaar with the vast crowd being Present a  wow momo stalk can divert attention and seek sales

5) Low operational costs : with food delivery players like swiggy, zomato in the market, the need for a sit-down outlet is low key dispersing. Bringing down your expenses.

6) The benefit of an Indian consumer : The rich in taste buds Indians have made Chinese food the second most popularly consumed cuisine in India, which is likely to stay for a longer time.

What Is Wow! Momo Franchise Cost

The one factor that every investor worth his salt takes into consideration while making a decision as to whether to invest in a company or not is the cost of investment involved. The same is the case with Wow! Momo franchise price. The cost of investment has to be such that the investor gets maximum benefits for the lowest amount of financial risk. Wow! Momo franchise cost in Kolkata comes to around 8 to 20 lakh rupees. The cost of the investment may

What Are Wow! Momo Franchise Requirements

As is the case with any other franchise, there are certain requirements that an individual has to fulfill if he or she wants to become the owner of a Wow! Momo restaurant. The first requirement is regarding the area or the outlet space required to open up the Wow! Momo store. A sufficient area is required to set up the store so that there is enough room to set up the equipment and the workers are also able to walk freely while performing their duties. In the case of a Wow! Momo store, the area that is required by an individual to set up the store comes to around 250 to 300 square feet.

Another requirement that the franchisee is regarding the number of workers. A minimum of 2 to 5 employees are required to be hired by the franchisee to smoothly run the store.

vary depending on the location of the store and various other factors.

Qualifications : 

• You are required to match their expectations in terms of educational and monetary qualifications. 

Investment Required to run a Wow! Momo Franchise in India : 

Wow momo franchise requires and initial investment between ₹8lakhs-₹20lakhs in India 

The expenses breakdown: 

1.   Monthly rent cost (300sqft) ₹ 10000
2.   Salary paid to (3 employees) ₹ 36000 
3.   Miscellaneous ₹ 4000 

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How Much Area Is required For Wow! Momo Franchise

The area required to open a Wow! Momo food outlet is 250 – 300 Sq.ft which should include a kitchen and a counter. The built-up area requirement differs depending upon the location of your franchise outlet.

What Are Profit Margin In Wow! Momo Franchise

A person associated with a company like Wow! Momo stands to gain a significant amount of monetary benefits. A person, as a franchisee of Wow! Momo is expected to make around 95,000 rupees in a month. The franchise can possibly earn back the initial investment money in a period of 8 to 9 months.

How to Get a Wow! Momo Franchise

There are a lot of benefits associated with investing money in a company like Wow! Momo and becoming the owner of its franchise. Wow! Momo brings a unique touch to its products that help the franchisee in attracting a lot of Indian customers. As compared to other fast-food chain restaurants that are out there, the amount of investment required by a franchisee to open up a franchise of Wow! Momo is pretty low. One of the major advantages that are there with being the owner of a Wow! Momo outlet is that the company has a strong brand identity in the Indian market.

This helps in attracting more customers and thus, increases the sales of an outlet. The return on investment that an individual may get by putting his or her money in this company is on the higher side of the scale. Another major thing that attracts a lot of customers to invest in the Wow! Momo franchise is when the company puts the franchise, along with his or her employees, through a company program to make sure that the franchisee learns the ropes of the business and is equipped to successfully run the store.

There are a certain number of steps that an individual has to go through in order to become the owner of a Wow! Momo store. Below is a list of steps in the Wow! Momo franchise process that an individual should follow if he or she wants to own a Wow! Momo outlet:

  • The first thing that an individual has to do in order to become the owner of a Wow! Momo store is to visit the company’s official website.
  • Upon reaching there, you will find a franchise guide that will help the individual in learning about the franchising process of the company.
  • After that, the individual has to submit his name, email id and phone number on the website.
  • Then, the support staff of the company will get in touch with the individual to take things further ahead.

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What Are Contact Details for Wow! Momo Franchise Enquiry

There might be times when a person has certain doubts about a company but he or she is not able to contact them in any way to clarify those doubts. So, if a person has any doubts or problems and wants to get in touch with the support staff of Wow! Momo in order to solve those problems, then they can make use of the following information:

29A/2E/1, Raja Subodh Chandra Mallik Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata.

Wow Momo Contact Number: 098307 44776


This article has led us to know that Wow! Momo has provided its customer base with a variety of options to choose from at an affordable price. The company produces momos out of mini stalls, maxi stalls, kiosks, cloud kitchens and outlets in food courts.

Now with the launch of its sister concern Wow! China, a fast food Indo-Chinese cuisine is all set to open 40 outlets across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata with an investment of Rs.12 crore. Apart from this another Rs.30 crores have been further invested to open 100+ Wow! Momo outlets in India this fiscal year.

Wow! Momo is giving you the opportunity to open your very own franchise and grow along with them. It is not important that only food-lovers should think about opening up an outlet, but any person who is looking for the best opportunity to make money in the food sector can opt for this particular franchise. Trust me you will not be disappointed. The brand will provide you with a lot of opportunities with minimum investment and high return-on-investment.

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