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Writing about a topic, an event, or a situation is an art which is developed by training and practice. It needs a huge discourse to learn how to improve writing skills but I will explain some of the major factors which will help you flourish your general writing skills.

Writing skills depends on your creativity or inventiveness, grammatical accuracy, style of expression, personal observation, collection and selection ideas, shaping ideas in proper order.

Creativity means generating and organizing new ideas on the base of ideas already know to you about the topic or situation. It is a sort of elaborating facts in a good way. You are given a topic or a situation which is known to you upto some extent.

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It depends on your creativity power to utilize the known facts and ideas to generate new ideas and shape them in proper style in written form. Creativity is linked with your observation power. Observing and collecting ideas about a situation provide source for creativity.

Style of expression and shaping ideas in proper order are the important factors for good writing skills. Style of expression is the way of presenting ideas to a reader. Ideas should be presented adequately in sentences so that reader can easily understand them. There should be a proper relationship and continuity in sentences.

Proper order of sentences, what should be written first and what should be written second needs to be developed. Good style of expressing expression and shaping order in adequate order are very important for impressive and influential writing.

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Grammatical accuracy is essential for good writing skills. Each word, phrase, and sentence should be grammatically correct. Usage of correct punctuation should not be neglected. Parts of speech should be used correctly. Use short sentences instead of long sentence which can increase the chance of mistake in the structure of sentence.

A paragraph has a particular structure. The first line of paragraph holds central them of whole paragraph or topic and the rest lines explain this central them further. The first line start with some space from left side of page unlike the other lines of paragraph start from very beginning from left side of page.

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A paragraph holds a combination of similar ideas or explanation of same idea. Always remember these points to write a paragraph.

Making outlines is a nice tool for comprehensive writing. When you are given a topic, try to write outlines or brief notes about it first, then elaborate these outlines adding more explanation to a comprehensive essay.

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Good writing is not an inborn quality but anyone can develop this quality by training and practice. Try to write about various topics. Try to write outlines and then start writing about the topic. Initially you will find it difficult to write a simple essay but practice will enable you to gain command on writing about things.

“Learning to write well takes time and much effort, but it can be done” – Margaret Mead

The best way is to select a topic and write down about it on a sheet whatever you have in your mind about the topic. Read it after you complete writing. Think on it that what to add to it more so that you improve it. Rewrite about the topic including the previous ideas you have written about it. Revise this procedure upto four or five times for same topic. Each time you gain new perspective and new ideas about the topic. It will refine and flourish your writing skills.


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