How to Open a Franchise on a Military Base | SkillsAndTech

How to Open a Franchise on a Military Base | SkillsAndTech

The steady stream of military personnel and their families offers a fantastic chance for development. To start a company or franchise on a military base, reach out to the commanding officer of the local military base to determine whether there is an entry point for a new enterprise.

If there is an opening, you can apply via the Base Exchange, whether the AAFES, NEX, or MCX, depending on the division and placement. Ensure that you comply with all their conditions along with background checks, and your enterprise will ideally be accepted.

A military base is officially federal land and under military authority. Owing to that, even though city regulations do not apply, basic laws do. Reach out to their legal services division to obtain further details and also to better fathom the precise base you would like to open the franchise.

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Opening a franchise on a military base enables you to join the league of super companies that have started operations over the years in more than 34 countries. It should be noted that companies such as Starbucks and Subway are figureheads in this field.

Even though the most common food vendors on military bases are food chains, many other businesses as well as innovative concepts have a great opportunity.

Steps to Open a Franchise on a Military Base

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Establishing a franchise business on a military base is quite tricky, and many decisions are made based on the military’s preferences. If you want to work on international bases, you should be aware of the regulations and follow them. Here are the steps to opening a franchise on a military base.

Choose the Type of Franchise

Anyone who is interested in becoming a franchise owner on a military base will first have to understand that there are many franchise opportunities in that field. Picking the appropriate franchise can indeed be difficult. You want a business opportunity that aligns properly with your needs whilst also providing a feasible plan for profitable growth.

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Once you’ve defined the markets with the best chances, you can narrow down the franchise offerings with which you want to work. Individuals routinely fall in love with a franchise brand and then reassure themselves that there is a demand to sustain their romantic lead, resulting in a poor course of action.

A viable market study can be carried out on the internet or by leveraging both free and paid market research. Come up with a strategy, and then locate a franchise system that will assist you in carrying it out.

Make Contact with the Military Regarding Your Franchise

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After determining the kind of franchise you want, it is imperative to consult the base commanding officer at this point. You could also seek advice from the base legal services desk.

The Army Community Services, Navy Family Services Center, or Air Force Family Support Center could also assist family members who want to build a company in military housing. These locations are designed to provide a great deal of information to military families in a range of circumstances.

Apply to the Military Base Exchange

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After you must have developed a rapport with the Base Commander, you should discuss what the base requires. You should always apply to the designated Exchange. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, abbreviated AAFES, is the most common.

The Naval Exchange abbreviated NEX, as well as the Marine Corps Exchange, abbreviated MCE, are also common. Every one of those entities is exclusively responsible for the approval of goods and services offered on the base.

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Burger King is a common pick among Army and Air Force bases. Smoothie King, on the other hand, is usually prevalent on naval bases. The branch as well as the base culture will play a large role in the base authorization.


Operating a company on a military base doesn’t exempt you from most of the day-to-day challenges of managing a company. There will always be taxes, guidelines, as well as regular inspections that will have to be strictly adhered to. If you’re considering opening a franchise on a military base, make absolutely sure your legal documentation is in order.

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