How to Start a Video Transfer Business | SkillsAndTech

How to Start a Video Transfer Business | SkillsAndTech

To be successful in a video transfer business, you will need to learn how to transfer a variety of formats, including VHS, DVD and 8mm film. Increase sales by creating video slide shows from customers’ pictures and setting them to music. Be aware, though, that knowledge of how to transfer videos doesn’t guarantee success. You also need business smarts to turn a profit.

Find a location. Starting a video transfer business is something that you can do from home if you have the space and equipment. However, you can also set up shop in a high-traffic area to possibly attract more customers. If you want a business outside the home, look for locations that are within your price range, are easy for people to access and have enough space for you to do your work.

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Register your video transfer business with the government. File the necessary paperwork to register your business, get a tax ID number and a company name.

Purchase the equipment you need to transfer videos. You’ll want to be able to transfer video into different formats. Consider purchasing a DVD writer that also plays VHS tapes. Use telecine equipment to transfer video from 8mm or 16mm film. Keep in mind how long it will take to do each transfer. If you expect a lot of business, you may want to purchase more than one of each type of machine so that you can work on different customers’ video transfers at the same time.

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Advertise your business. Choose a variety of methods to promote your business. A good website can attract customers who search the Internet for a video transfer company. Newspaper ads and fliers can attract local customers.

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