How To Start Acid Slurry Making Bussines | SkillsAndTech

How To Start Acid Slurry Making Bussines | SkillsAndTech

Being used as a major cleaning ingredient in the detergent  industry since 30 years, representing almost 1/3rd of the active ingredients in the detergents worldwide, Acid slurry with its properties is still dominating the surfactant industry.

Acid slurry, commonly known as ( Linear ALKYL Benzene Sulphonate ) LABSA, prepared by sulphonation of LAB with sulphuric acid, is extensively used for manufacturing detergent powder and soaps.

Because of its properties of being readily miscible with water and containing a less salt content it is used as a valuable ingredient in detergent powders, cakes and liquids. It is also because of soap’s incapability to wash off materials in hard water that the Acid slurry has made the synthetic detergents capture the the detergent market today.

And here’s why you should get your hands on the production of this actively used ingredient.

 Market potential and uses

The potential for the acid slurry production has been booming because of its rising demand which is spread across almost every industry each using this cleaning ingredient processed in the form of a synthetic detergent for their own respective consumption.

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Moreover because of the improvisation of synthetic detergents in terms of shapes, sizes, state and colour has been successfully meeting the niche consumer needs thereby increasing the sales of these detergents which in turn increases the demand of acid slurry.


⦁ It is used as a major industrial surfactant which is thereby used in formulating various types of household and industrial detergents

⦁ It also acts as an emulsifier in agricultural herbicides and pesticides

⦁ It is used in the textile industry as well for the purpose of washing and mercerising

⦁ Acts as a dispersing and wetting agent in paints

Licenses required 

The license required to run a acid slurry manufacturing plant are as follows

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⦁ NOC by the state pollution control board

⦁ GST registration

⦁ Factory licence

⦁ Udyog Aadhar under MSME registration

⦁ PAN, Aadhar card details

⦁ SSI provisional registration

Investment required 

1) Fixed capital investment₹ 14 lakh
2) Working capital investment₹ 9 lakhs

Profits made 

1.   Net profit per year ₹ 500000 
2.   Return on investment 21% 

Target consumers: 

The market demand for acid slurry is derived from an demand of synthetic detergents. Moreover it’s availability in terms of :

⦁ Detergent cakes

⦁ Detergent liquids

⦁ Detergent powders

Have increased the potential of market it could capture. So, the target customers for your Acid slurry making business are as follows :

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⦁ Households and industrial consumers: The acid slurry manufactured by your unit can be targeted on those synthetic detergents which are demanded by households and industries to get maximum benefits of cleaning: tools, equipments, utensils, clothes etc

⦁ Agricultural industry: The agricultural industries also contributes vividly to the existing demand for the acid slurry it is because of its application of being used as an emulsifying agent while dealing with the pesticides and herbicides in farming, cultivating and further agricultural process

⦁ Textile industry: The properties of Acid slurry of being miscible in water and possessing a low salt content has also expanded it’s applications across the textile industry in washing and mercerising textiles that eg: That of cotton materials

⦁ Paint industry: They make use of acid slurry as a wetting and dispersing agent in paints.

Area required :

The area required to run a acid slurry making plant would be 2000 sq m.

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Raw materials required

The raw materials required in production of acid slurry are as follows :

⦁ Linear alkyl benzene

⦁ Sulphuric acid

⦁ Water

⦁ Coolant

⦁ Heater

⦁ Bottles, caps, seals

Machinery required 

The machinery involves in manufacturing acid slurry is as follows:

⦁ LAB Feed tank

⦁ Sulphonater ( stainless )

⦁ Chilling machine

⦁ Pumps with motor

Manpower required

The manpower required in an acid slurry making business is as follows :

⦁ 1- production manager

⦁ 1- accountant

⦁ 2- plant operators

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⦁ 2- skilled workers

⦁ 2- unskilled workers

Moreover suffice training to the workers in terms of equipment usage, machinery handling, safety and precaution measures must also be be provided with

Business model and growth : 

The business model of an acid slurry business can be defined using 4 variants which are as follows :

Value proposition: The unique selling point and the value which an acid slurry making business is likely to provide to you is:

⦁ Acid slurry and derived demand for demand in detergents is required for routine cleaning in the household and industrial markets so it is both affordable and essential, keeping the demand up and rising

Target consumers:

The target consumers to an acid slurry manufacturing business would be :

⦁ Households

⦁ Commercial consumers : hotels, restaurants, offices, campuses etc

⦁ Agricultural industry

⦁ Textile industry

⦁ Automobile industries

⦁ Paint and other industrial industry

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Competitor review:

The competitors to the acid slurry manufacturing business would be :

⦁ Southern Indian chemical industry

⦁ Dhariya international

⦁ Kresko projects pvt ltd

⦁ Abhideep chemicals pvt ltd

⦁ Indian dyes sales corporation pvt ltd

 Marketing strategy: The market demand for Acid slurry entirely depends on the marketing strategy implemented by the detergent industry and its companies, since it’s a derived demand.

⦁ Trade discounts, cash discounts, incentives on bulk and frequent purchasing must be provided to the manufactures of liquid, soap detergents who use acid slurry as a cleaning agent

⦁ Quality fo acid slurry backed by certification, thorough R&D reports is likely to boost purchases by the existing and potential users of this ingredient.

⦁ Growth 

The growth in the acid slurry making business is shown as follows :

⦁ India is the 3rd largest detergent producer and manufacturer of the world because of its demand in India and also its exports to other foreign nations.

⦁ This has thereby increased the market potential of acid slurry, being an key ingredient in its production.

⦁ Profit margin 

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An acid slurry making business is likely to get you around a profit margin of 11.1%


Still thinking whether or not become a part of this widespread synthetic detergent industry just by producing an ingredient as small as an acid slurry?

Here are some fact checks for you: 

⦁ Firstly, acid slurry is likely to be in demand as long as the consumers across various industrial and household platforms still require synthetic detergent as a cleaning agent for most of their operations to function, which means the demand is consistent and rising

⦁ Secondly, the minimal investment, large availability resources and low cost , involved in acid slurry has brought in FDI that too at a higher space, which gives you an opportunity to be associated with foreign detergent companies as well

⦁ Lastly, the applications of acid slurry are still in-discovery who is likely to open a wider market for you to cater to

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