How To Start Apollo Diagnostics Franchise | SkillsAndTech

How To Start Apollo Diagnostics Franchise | SkillsAndTech

The primary aim of starting a Franchise Business is to take advantage of the brand name which has been developed by the company. However, it’s not just the brand name that ensures the success of your business but it is also the industry in which your potential brand operates. One of the most booming industries after the year 2022 is the health-sector industry. With the rise of pandemic and the awareness related to health and growing diseases, there has been an urgent and spontaneous growth in the health sector. The Diagnostics centres have been performing and providing great facilities to people, one such well-known name is Apollo Diagnostics Franchise. 

About Apollo Diagnostics Franchise 

As we discussed above, there has always been a huge rush in the hospitals for people to get themselves tested and conduct various tests. However, with certified and trusted Diagnostics centres emerging all across the country, the burden shouldered by the hospitals has decreased and it has also been convenient for people to get themselves checked. Apollo Hospitals is a huge name in the healthcare industry and Apollo Diagnostics is a branch or rather a part of the same company which gives the brand enough credibility in the market.  

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 To summarize the journey of Apollo Hospitals, it started in the year 1983, its headquarters in Chennai and since then the Company has indulged itself further in the pharmacy or the healthcare sector. One such initiative of the Hospital chain group was to introduce Apollo Diagnostics, which provided effective and the best services in terms of healthcare. As of 2015, the number of Apollo Diagnostic centres has increased to more than 100 centres all across the country and has reached even greater heights with its centres increasing in numbers every year. 

 Advantages of Acquiring Apollo Diagnostics Franchise  

The various Unique Selling Points of a brand influence the decision and the success of your venture as a whole. As for Apollo Diagnostics Franchise, apart from being backed by the brand name of Apollo Hospitals, there are also various strengths and advantages which are offered by the brand on the acquiring of its Franchise, which is mentioned as follows. 
A. The first advantage is the brand name. Almost all the patients enrolling themselves under the care of Apollo Hospitals would opt to trust and get themselves tested with Apollo Diagnostics which is a branch of the same hospital where they have been admitted. This ensures a base of patients which has been already acquired by the parent brand. 

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  1. Healthcare is an industry where people are forced to pay the necessary amount for tests, medicines, and so on. Most of the diagnostic centres in India charge a huge amount for all the common tests, which is not affordable forthe people. However, the charges of Apollo Diagnostics are less and also affordable for people of all classes. 
  2. With the growing diseases and the need formedical care and facilities the, demand for pathological labs and diagnostic centres has increased. People find it more convenient to have a diagnostic centre in their own area rather than travelling and having to wait for getting the normal tests in a hospital and paying a price which is not affordable for most of them. 
  3. D. Such a huge brand name does not come with providing normal services or facilities. Apollo is known for its services which are backed by strong technology in the sector of healthcare and diagnosis. Associating with such a brand does not just expose you to technology but also tothe expertise and the strong assistance that is provided by the brand.

Investment Required for Starting Apollo Diagnostics Franchise 

Every venture and its upsides come for a price. Associating with a brand name that has more than 30 years of experience in the field comes with a nominal investment which every business owner is required to pay. However, the investment required for acquiring this Franchise is lower than the pros that are received in return. The brand fee for Apollo Diagnostics is 1 lakhs INR. As for the type of unit which you plan to open, the investment would vary. For an Apollo Diagnostic Collection Centre, the amount required would be 3 to 5 lakhs INR, whereas, if you plan to open a Diagnostic centre that is a cluster unit, then the investment amount would go up to 15 lakhs INR. 

Requirements for Starting an Apollo Diagnostic Franchise 

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After considering the investment amount which is required for starting this business, you also need to consider the various obligations that are to be fulfilled by you to associate with the brand. The various requirements to be fulfilled are mentioned as follows. 

  1. A.The area requiredto begin an establishment of Apollo Diagnostic is between 200 square feet to 250 square feet. The necessary space should be situated in a local location and a Middle class or upper working class. The space should be situated on the ground floor so it is effectively open by the senior residents and individuals with incapacity as well.  
  2. B. The company is preferringbusiness ownerswho were in the pharmaceutical or healthcare profession, especially doctors. The franchise partner must be inclined towards the growth of the business. They must either own the required area or have it rented, there is no other special requirement. 
  3. C. All the employees or the staff are given adequate training to handle the patients or the customers. They are taught all the basic work such as how to collect samples, how to move ahead with the test, and so on. With the brand’s regular audit, the discipline is always intact among the staff.

 How to Apply for Apollo Diagnostic Franchise in India  

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The procedure to apply for the Franchise of Apollo Diagnostic is very simple. You can either visit their head office directly or you can contact them through the telephone number which is being provided by the brand. The most effective way is to have a conversation over the phone rather than filling the enquiry page on their website. The telephone number for getting in touch with the brand is:  +91-40-4904 7777 

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