How To Start Ellen Brook Franchise In India | SkillsAndTech

How To Start Ellen Brook Franchise In India | SkillsAndTech

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the menu” says kenzo Takada and that’s what the designers today try to implement in everything they design.

 The art yesterday was expressed through crafts and paintings but now the dress you wear, the accessories you put on is more art than art itself is.

Today’s designers are trying to bring that authenticity in expression through their implementation on fashion like apparel etc and one of such efforts is made by Ellen Brook

About Ellen brook

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Ellen brook is a brand known for its  unique designs in apparel specialising precisely in terms of menswear

It has its own specific style colours, patterns, shades, designed designed on to fit the routine, party wear and casual wear of men. It deals is products which are always eternal in fashion like jeans and shirts but also makes sure it’s kept up to date with the trends in colours

This mobile application oriented brand has the below mentioned product in various offers for both the casual consumers and retail shops to buy and sell its apparel respectively.

Products offered by Ellen brook

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·        Jeans

·        T-shirts

·        Shirts

·        Trousers

·        Denim clothing line

Everything you need to know about Ellen brook franchise :

A.    Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point of this franchise is

·      Both online and offline presence

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·        Wide scope for marketing

·        Dealing in eternally trending clothes: Shirts and jeans

B.     Business model of Ellen brook franchise

       i.            Value proposition:  The value which this franchise is likely to provide to you is

·        Large consumer market potential

·        Wide scope for marketing

·        Demand from global markets because of its offline presence

·        Perk of brand reputation 

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     ii.            Target consumers: The target consumers for this business franchise are

·        Haute couture wearing consumers

·        Teenagers

·        Online shoppers

·        Millennials

·        Men and boys

   iii.            Competitor review : The competitors for this business franchise are as follows

·        Online shopping platforms: Myntra, shein etc

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·        Designer stores

·        Shopping malls

   iv.            Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy is implemented by Ellen brook

·        Word of mouth promotion

·       Seasonal offered and discounts

·        Presence on social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn et

·        Bulk and cash discounts

C.     Benefits of starting an Ellen brook franchise:

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·        Brand reputation: The brand name because of the authenticity bought in its variety of menswear collection which will give you the benefit of taking an advantage of its loyal customers through massive sales

   Minimal operations: By taking this franchise you’ll be having the benefits of handling minimal operations in terms of marketing, stock maintenance and distribution

  No investment: This franchise involves no investment in terms of capital, manpower as we as space keeping the cost of management minimal while yielding high returns

  Large target customer base: This franchise is likely to provide you large target customers in terms of retail and MSMEs dealing in clothes, textiles etc, shops established in shopping malls etc

   Assistance by Ellen brook: Ellen brook providing its assistance in terms of the following is one benefit of its own

§  7 days training

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§  Banner

§ Franchise agreement

§  Stock maintenance

D.    What are the requirements and qualifications for setting up a Ellen brook franchise


§  Going from retail-to-Retail, shopping malls and communicating information about the Ellen brook products

§  Displaying the products on Ellen brook app

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§  Convincing the retailers to download the app and place orders through it

§  Keeping in touch with those retailers 


§  Adequate communication skills

§  Salesmanship and skills in customer relationship

§  Contacts with retailers and shopping malls

E.     Investment required to set up an Ellen Brook franchise

·        This franchise doesn’t require any sort of investment.

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·        It requires investment only in terms of time and efforts and in building contacts with the small scale textile and clothing retail shops as well as those established in shopping malls

F.     Profits made from an Ellen Brook franchise

You are likely to earn a commission of 2% on every order you help the company achieve

G.    How to apply for Ellen brook franchise

One can apply for an Ellen brook franchise by

·       Contacting Ellen brook through their official contact number

·        Or by mailing them your request through their official email address

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This franchise opportunity is an adequate one if you are looking for a side hustle or even thinking of starting small. This franchise opportunity is one of a kind and it is so because of the following reasons:

    Firstly, this business doesn’t involve and capital and manpower investment or even in area for that sort.

·     Secondly, the requirements for this franchise are as minimal as having good customer relationships and communication skills

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·       Lastly, the commission through each order is very decent, quiet enough for you to start small

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