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How To Start Nail Polish Making Business | SkillsAndTech

A small bottle of paint, used to colour nails have seen to be contributing $88.6 million to the $ 11.6 billion Indian cosmetic industry, alone.

If you are thinking of  getting your nails done or are too bored with your spouse/mom shopping and if you causally decide to go up to the nail salon section , you’ll be astonished to see the amount of specifications nail colouring comes with. You’ll be asked :

·        The type of appeal you want to give to your nails

·        The shade of nail colour you’d like

·        The kind of nail art you want

·        How long do you want the nail colour to last

And although these specifications for just nail care looks too bizarre yet pricey they are not ignored by women because a nail colour has become a part of what contributes to their lifestyle.

People get noticed and make money through the trend they’ve come up with in the way they wear their nail colour, they’re followed by millions, the art to understand the sense, fashion and shade metrics behind nail colours have been studied as a professional course in high-end colleges around the globe.

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The nail couloir and trend you choose defines the lifestyle you chose to lead. So now you see why this little bottle of colour has so much significance in the cosmetic world? Good, let’s get you started in setting up a nail polish plant to live the profits of the potential this segment could have

    I.        Market potential and uses

The potential  this product has in the market is ever expanding like it is for clothing and apparel. People buy the latest trend in nail polishes, wear them, influence other people, wait for another trend to pop up again.

So, this industry doesn’t age, if it does, it ages like a fine wine. But the main reason behind this immense potential is because the demand for nail polishes have been derived from the demand of nail arts and trends. The segmentation of nail polishes comes in

·        Appeal : matte, pearl, sheer, metallic, glitter

·        Shades : refers to all sort of colours

·        Art : sequence, stickers etc where  nail polishes act as bases.


·        Nail polishes are used to colour the nails

·        Used in nail salons who offer services to manicure and pedicure

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The above mentioned are the primary uses of nail colour. Although it also has some unusual uses like these :

·        They also have an exclusive use of keeping the jewellery from tarnishing

·        Used in sealing envelops

·        To care for the nail and prevent it from breaking further

  II.        Licenses required :

The licenses required in manufacturing nail polishes are :

·        Manufacturing license under drugs and cosmetics act 1940

·        NOC by state pollution control board

·        Registration under ROC

·        GST registration

·        PAN, Aadhar card

III.        Investment required

The investment required to start a manufacturing of nail polish would be between ₹3 lakhs – ₹ 5 lakhs

IV.        Profits made

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The profit one would make through manufacturing nail polishes would be between ₹ 1 lakhs- ₹ 2 lakhs per month

 V.        Target consumers

The consumers on whom your nail polish marketing efforts could be targeted on are as follows :

·        Women ( 13-40 years of age ) : The women aged between 13 – 40 years could be your target customers. The women demand for nail polishes as an essential part of self-grooming and the girls, teenagers wear nail colour through an art which brings out their personality to make an appearance which stands out.

·        Nail salons : The nail polishes manufactured by you could be sold at a discounted price and in bulk to the nail salons which have customers coming to them with variations in demand in terms of colours, shades and appeals

·        Retail cosmetic shops : The nail polishes made by you could be sold to retail cosmetic shops which sell nail polishes along with lipsticks, eye make up products etc. Basically to attract a niche, who aren’t that picky to go to only a nail polish oriented shops.

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·        Men : Yes, you heard it right. With growing diversification in clothing and apparel, bags for men, the nail polish market is also trying to attract the male population that could reflect the personality of man through the nail polish they wear. Ex: freelancing models, LGBTQ population etc could also become your target customers

·        Fashion industries : You could also cater the nail polishes you’ve manufactured to the fashion industries specially on runways, fashion shows etc so, you could launch your nail polish on that platform and acquire this customer base too

·        Online audiences : Consumers, between 18-30 years of age who lead a busy lifestyle but still likes to be sophisticated in their tastes, and prefer online shopping could witness the nail polishes you’ve manufactured under the label you sell it.

VI.        Area required

Area required in manufacturing nail polishes would be 700 – 1000 sq ft.

VII.        Raw materials required

The raw materials required in manufacturing nail polishes :

·        Cellulose nitrate

·        Plasticiser

·        Loban

·        Lakh

·        Camphor

·        Acetone

·        Ethyl alcohol

·        Colour

VIII.        Machinery required

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The machine involved in nail polish manufacturing business :

·        Chemical blender

·        Weighing balances

·        Stainless steel mixer

·        Automatic liquid filling machine

·        Laboratory devices

IX.        Manpower required

The manpower required for the nail polish making business is as follows :

·        1- production manager

·        1- technician

·        1- researcher

·        2- skilled labour

·        5- unskilled labour

Moreover ample training to these members in terms of equipment usage, machine handling, safety and precautions measures etc just also be provided with.

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 X.        Business model and growth :

The business model of the nail polish manufacturing business can be defined using 4 variants :

A.  Value proposition : The unique selling point and the value the nail polish manufacturing business brings in to you is :

·        That it is a part of the fast changing fashion industry so it has trends ending and developing, the demand is likely to last as long as the fashion industry exists

·        Secondly, the nail polish comes with reasonable pricing which is affordable by everyone removing the income barriers in targeting

B.  Target consumers : The target consumers to your nail polish manufacturing business would be

·        Women

·        Men

·        Nail salons

·        Fashion industry

·        Retail cosmetic shops

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C.  Competitor review  : The basic Indian competitors for your nail polish manufacturing business would be

·        Aslot cosmetics

·        Nikole Kozmetics pvt ltd

·        Sunrise cosmetics

A.  Marketing strategy : The marketing strategy to market the nail polishes manufactured by you would be as follows :

·        You can market your nail polishes in terms of the manufacturing process ex : cruelty free, vegan nail polishes for those environmental activists nail polish consumers base, using a digit platform

·        You can develop advertising determine the shades, quality of your nail colour with a celebrity endorsing it to target the sophisticated status conscious consumers etc


The nail polish has witnessed and has the potential for growth in the fallowing ways :

·        The nail polish industry is project to grow at a CAGR over 10% to reach $ 143.6 million by 2024

·        With the growth in the level of disposable income and improved standard of living, and advent of social media in influencing the fashion choices of people the demand for nail care and grooming has increased the demand for nail polishes

XI.        Profit margin :

The profit margin one could receive by entering into the nail polish making business would be 20-25%

XII.        Suggestions :

While you browse about  the innumerable shades of nail polishes there exists we’ll guide you through some facts to get get your decision in order:

·        Firstly, nail polish is desired by 85% of the women population and comes at an affordable price making it more desirable and in demand to keep up with one’s lifestyle, keeping your sales up and rising

·        Secondly, the frequency of change in the trends of nail polishes diminishes its shelf life making consumers demand for the latest shade trending, giving you the benefit of fast moving inventory and High rate of return on investment

·        Lastly, The demand for nail polishes will never go out of fashion, so you’ll probably be in this for long, with minimal investment and ample profits

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