How To Start Plaster Of Paris Sheet Making Business | SkillsAndTech

How To Start Plaster Of Paris Sheet Making Business | SkillsAndTech

The nation’s growing need to become self-reliant ensuring optimisation of resources and cost efficiency, especially in booming and fundamental industries like construction and infrastructure has become of prior importance.

Not only these industries but all the other small scale retail stores, factories, plants and other MSMEs which foster the middle class income, the major population of India, aim for maximum quality at minimum cost and the Plaster of paris sheet helps them in making this possible

These industries and sectors contribute the most to the India’s GDP, With constructional industry contributing a whole of 8.2% to it. While all the other parts, fasteners and accessories imported are expensive and costly, PoP sheets  come at a reasonable cost while being the most important element in setting up an entrepreneurial space

And that’s why this Plaster of Paris sheet making business is a beneficial business opportunity for you.

    I. Market potential and uses

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PoP sheet is made of a quick setting gypsum powder consisting of fine white powder ( calcium sulfate hemihydrate ) which hardens when moistened and allowed to dry. This powder then can be moulded into sheets and other products

It is different from Gypsum sheets because of its powder like consistency which helps in moulding it numerous shapes and sizes of ceilings with different textures and designs,

The market potential for PoP sheet making business is vast in the false ceiling business specifically for its following properties:

· High durability

· Flexibility

· Affordability

·Good adhesion properties

·Easy availability

·  Light weight

These properties of a PoP sheet has created a demand for it as a fundamental in constructing a ceiling in almost every sector.

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·Used as a false ceiling in few areas of factories, plants

·In construction of ceiling for a small scale retail store

·Used as partitions in the campuses for schools, colleges, libraries, offices etc

  II. Licenses required

The licenses required to run a PoP sheet making business are

· NOC by the state pollution control board

·Trade license

·GST registration

III. Investment required

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The investment required to set up a PoP sheet making business is between ₹1 lakhs-₹ 2 lakhs

IV.Profit made

The profits made from a PoP sheet making business are ₹2 lakhs per year

 V. Target consumers

The target consumers for this plaster of Paris sheet making business are as follows:

· Campuses: The campuses and corridors of schools, colleges, universities, libraries etc require pop sheets for ceilings and partitions

·  Factories: The factories and manufacturing plants make use of these pop sheets for sheds and false ceilings to cut costs and for easy maintenance purposes

·Shopping malls: The shopping malls, bathrooms, complexes, movie theatres also make use of PoP sheets for false ceilings and also partitions

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· Interior designers: They require PoP sheets for the purpose of designing various areas of houses, offices of different textures and colours so as to fulfil the customer demand

·Retail shops: The retail shops make use of these PoP sheets as ceilings and partitions for a cost effective and low maintenance perks.

·  Others: Restaurant, hotels, public restrooms etc also require PoP sheets to cut down on their costs and maximise their appeal through false ceilings and partitions

VI. Area required

The are required to set up a PoP sheet making business is a 1000 sq ft

VII.Raw materials required

The raw materials required to run a PoP sheet making business:

· Plaster of Paris


·Glass fibre

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VIII. Machinery required

The machinery required to set up a PoP sheet making business is

·Rotatory cylindrical drum calcinor

· Pulveriser


· Coolers


·Sheet making machine

IX. Manpower required

The manpower required to run a PoP sheet making  business would be

· 2- skilled workers

·3- unskilled workers

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Moreover ample training to these workers in terms of

· Machinery handling

·Equipment usage

· Safety and precautions must also be provided with

 X. Business model and growth

The business model for a PoP sheet making business can be defined using these 4 variants:

     i. Value proposition: The value which a PoP sheet making business is likely to provide to you is:

· Bulk and low cost availability of raw materials

·Increased derived demand from the increasing demand of MSMEs and factories in India

   ii. Target consumers: The target consumers for a PoP sheet making business would be:

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· Households, commercial office spaces

·Shopping malls, theatres

·Interior designers

·Retail, grocery and small scale stores


·Factories and manufacturing plants

·  Restrooms, hotels and restaurants

 iii. Competitor review: The competition in this business is not as aggressive because the market to cater to is very vast but the primary competitors in the PoP sheet making business are:

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· USG Boral

· Gypcore

 iv. Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that can be implemented by your PoP making business is as follows:

·Advertising: billboards, print media and celebrity endorsements

·Sales promotion: cash discounts, customer loyalty discounts etc

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· PR: Tie ups with NGOs, constructional companies (MNCs)


The PoP sheet making business has witnessed and has the potential for the following growth prospects

·  Firstly, the growth rate of industrial construction in India expected to be 6.8% between 2018-2023 requiring PoP sheets for many of its projects

· Moreover, because of the growing needs for roofs mainly fostered by its industrial application and availability of low maintenance and reasonable roof options has increased the need for PoP sheets in India

XI.    Profit margin

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The profit margin which a PoP making business is likely to yield is 70%-80%

XII. Suggestions

While you have one, help others get a roof over their heads and that too while making business out of it and here’s why:

· Firstly, because of costly roof options in India and high import duties, PoP sheets can be used as a very reasonable and low maintenance substitute

·   Secondly, this business generates a massive foreign demand because of its cost cutting advantage and large availability of resources

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· Lastly, it involves a very low investment but a vast target market and gives huge sales in return.

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