Kurkure Making Business Cost, Profit, How To Start, Requirements | ChildArticle

Kurkure Making Business Cost, Profit, How To Start, Requirements | ChildArticle

Kurkure making business is a promising one due to the fact that Kurkure is considered as one of the most loved snack food brands in India. Kurkure is a brand of corn puffs produced and developed by PepsiCo India. It is named after the Hindi word called ‘Crunchy’ or ‘Crispy.’ It is developed entirely in India. It was initiated in the year 1999 as ‘Lehar Kurkure.’ Even after this much of time, it is considered the most wanted snacks by people worldwide. It is preferred by people of all ages and is liked by all, apart from being consumed in its original form. It is preferred in different other ways such as kurkure salad, kurkuremomos, and kurkurebhel, etc. Kurkure making business runs on innovative marketing strategies in India.

About Pepsico

PepsiCo, Inc. is an America-based multinational snack, food, and beverage corporation, which entered in India in 1989. PepsiCo has an interest in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain based products.
PepsiCo’s growth in India has been guided by ‘performance with purpose.’ PepsiCo’s snack portfolio began in 1999 with the local invention called “kurkure’.


  • Government Schemes – Boosting Kurkure Making Business and Other Small Businesses

MSME Ministry is increasing aid to kurkure making business and other small and medium scale businesses in India.

The government of India has also moved further in this regard to encourage various small sectors and private sectors by launching several schemes such as:

  • MUDRA Scheme – Under this scheme, the agency was set up to refinance and develop micro units across the country. It extends funding to the non-corporate small business sector.
  • Aatmnirbhar Bharat Scheme – Free collateral loans to MSMEs and other stressed sectors.
  • Coir Vikas Yojna – It encourages various activities like still development, up-gradation, and modernization of industries, promoting domestic as well as an export market.
  • National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program – It facilitates technology up-gradation by providing a 15% upfront capital subsidy.
  • Entrepreneurship and skill development program – Organized to nourish the expertise of youth by enlightening them on numerous aspects of industrial exercise needed for setting up small industries.Marketing promotion schemes – to develop domestic markets and promotion of new market access initiatives.

Important Ingredients for Kurkure Making

Kurkure is made from cornmeal, rice meal, edible vegetable oil (palm oil), gram meal, spices, condiments, salt, sugar, tartaric, milk solids.

Also, it contains flavor (natural and nature-identical flavoring substances).

  • Flavours
  • Naughty tomato
  • Puffcorn (Yummy Cheese)
  • Monster paws
  • Hyderabadi Hungama
  • Lemon pickles
  • ZigZag
  • Puff Corn
  • Corn Cups
  • Solid Masti
  • Butter Masti
  • Kurkure Triangles
  • Multigrain
  • Masala Munch
  • Green Chutney, etc.…

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Description of Kurkure Machine

In Kurkure making business in India, Kurkure making machines are used to produce Kurkure from the cornflour. With the help of this machine, the work of mixing, Grinding, Heating, and Packaging complete in a brief span. An additional remote for handling the device is connected to the machine so that one can command its speed at the time of operating the machine.

Features of Kurkure Making Machine

Kurkure Making Business – Market Analysis

Seeing current market rates of kurkure we can say that it starts with Rupees 5 and seeing the market trend we can analyze that the lower entry price points accounts for a majority of sale for its winder accessibility amongst the consumers and always in high demand. In the current scenarios kurkure is being sold by majority of participants such as Haldirams, Balaji, ITC, Parle etc. The marketing campaigns for Kurkure have always been engaging over the years, creatively sketched and properly-placed, drawing the attention of the whole family as a tea-time snack, presenting it as a tea time snack for the entire family.

The slogan “Tedha Hai par mera hai” has boosted the demand for kurkure in the market and helped it in dominating its competitors. After the popular slogan was noticed, Kurkure became people’s first preference amid the list of similar products. After that, Kurkure making business started gaining momentum. Popular actress Juhi Chawla’s connection with the brand has also worked in favor of this business. Therefore, young and willing entrepreneurs are looking up to Kurkure making business in a positive way.

Kurkure making business always brings diverse, innovative products to deal with the competition emanating from regional players. All the snacks linked with Kurkure making business are 100% vegetarian and are prepared using Indian gram meals as well as spices to present the tremendous Indian feeling, which has become immensely successful and cherished by Indian snack lovers. The kurkure making business in India is on the rise.

Kurkure Manufacturing Process

  • In the mixer, the raw materials are blended and led to the aspired moisture level.
  • The mix is then carried to the extruder hopper; a level indicator assures that the extruder does not run vacant. In the extruder, the raw materials are crushed using high-pressure build-up by the screw.
  • The pressure decline at the die causes the snack to extend, and the face cutters set the craved snack length and volume.
  • After extrusion, the snacks are deep-fried for additional crispness and shelf-life. They are then spread with oil and then with flavor powder. Coating takes a spot in the rotating coating drum. Now the snacks are available to be packed; this is excellently done promptly with the machinery and equipment required.

Cost of Kurkure Making Machine

– 3,50,000 + GST

The input of Machine 25-28 Kg/ per hour depends upon material & filter.

  • Land & Building Required for Kurkure Making Business
  • Land required 250-300 Square Feet (approx.)
  • Approximate rent for the same is 5000-6000 per Month.

Labour Requirement

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3-4 Manpower- Required for the Kurkure making business.
1-2 Skilled labour
2 Unskilled labour

Break Even Point
Break-even point of the machine= 2,28,317 packets
The company should operate at a minimum of 13% of production capacity to cover its costs (variable + fixed)

Kurkure Making Business License/ Registration

1- Obtain the GST registration is a must to carry out the Kurkure making business.

2- Fire/Pollution Registration as required.

3- Choice of a Brand Name of the product and secure the name with Trademark for Kurkure making business, if required.

4- FSSAI license is crucial for smooth functioning of Kurkure making business in India. It ensures that the food prepared, packed, sold operated by the business organization is up to the quality standards as arranged by FSSAI.

Note- Kurkure Making Business is introducing a new vision – Be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning with purpose.

Place and Distribution Strategy of Kurkure

  • Kurkure has got efficient distribution networks as part and parcel of its marketing mix strategy with a mission to maintain its presence in every corner of India. Kurkure is available everywhere, ranging from roadside tea vendors, small retail shops, and supermarkets to college canteens.
  • Kurkure is manufactured in automated plants that are present in Punjab, Pune, and Kolkata.
  • The plants have been inspected and approved by numerous international agencies.
  • The raw ingredients needed to make these snacks are obtained undeviatingly from farms in India using contract farming.
  • Kurkure was formulated to provide to the considerable Indian market, but it has become so familiar that it is now being stretched to international markets about the subcontinent.
  • To catch the competition rising from regional players, the regional alternatives are set in the retail shops of every state.
  • These variants are not broadly available in all parts of India but are strategically allocated as per the order in the location & the competition.

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Kurkure has been receiving the benefit of evolving from a multinational giant like PepsiCo, which assures that it has the financial encouragement along with a well-established distribution network, which makes it available all over India. Beverages and food major PepsiCo is taking the brand Kurkure to more geographical regions and widening the scope for Kurkure making business in India.

Kurkure is willing to double its business in next five years as per the sources. As part of its global expansion of brand Kurkure, PepsiCo would follow a mix strategy of local manufacturing and export from India, depending on the scale. The company is also reinvigorating Kurkure making business with power grains that cater to the rising trend of consumers looking for tasty yet guilt-free everyday snacking options.

Presently, Kurkure is a Rs 1,000 crore brand and is still aiming high. This is indeed a great opportunity for all those who are willing to join the hands and take it to next level. The kurkure making business is here to stay and shine.

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