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Lassi Day Café Franchise Company is a Quick service restaurant franchise. We have a Pocket-friendly product range. We mainly focus on quality in very less pricing by that only we are not only in metro cities but also we are in tier 2 and tier 3 cities also. So, naturally, it’s work more customers and more profit. Lassi Day Café is really High-profit margin business, where you may earn an unlimited profit.

  • Quick service restaurant franchise.
  • Pocket-friendly product range.
  • more customer and more profit
  • High-profit margin business

Lassi Day Cafe menu

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We provide lassi, milkshake, ice cream, cold coffee, snacks, flood and fresh juices.

 Business Area

More than 30+ outlets in more than 25 cities

and 3 states Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana.

Princing Range

Starts from 25 and ends at 90 rupees.

 Profit on each Item

The profit on every item on the menu will be 50%.

Franchise Cost

Lassi Day Café franchise cost offers you two option of Franchise

  1. Master franchise
  2. Unit franchise/ Single franchise

Unit franchise/ Single franchise cost and total setup can be done in 7 lakhs.

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Company support

  • Menu support
  • Training support
  • R & D support
  • Promotion and Branding Support

Now a day’s everyone is becoming aware about their health. Peoples are giving priority to natural drinks in their food. So, there is huge demand for natural beverages as people are not interested for having cold drinks which are carbonated so there is a lot of demand for such outlets.

So, if you keen interested to buy a franchise of Lassi Day Café, contact immediately with us. We will tell you how you can earn a lot of profit in very low investment. 

The people interested in buying the franchise of this lassi Day cafe Franchise can contact us.

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