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The New them is the focus of the London Bubble Co Franchise. You may be wondering what The New them is now. Well, they believe in progress, so at London Bubble Company, they bring you a range of new items that may entice your Sugar Tooth.

About London Bubble Co

They’ve added balanced waffles, dairy-free milkshakes, new and improved chocolate, and waffles for an exciting price of Rs 69/-, and a better menu with a wide range of choices. To top it off, they have a new management team, Realta Ventures, who are putting the needs of the consumers first in order to establish a long-term partnership and brand value.

London Bubble Co Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 5 lakhs
Area Required100 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 4 lakhs

Features Of London Bubble Co Franchise

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  • The London Bubble Company was the first bubble Waffle brand to open in India, in 2017. 
  • The first location was in Juhu, Mumbai. It is India’s fastest-growing multinational dessert brand. 
  • Presently available in 12 cities across the country, with 40 outlets open and another 20 on the way.
  • The aim of creating the London bubble company is to provide a wider waffle experience to a more adventurous audience.
  • Bubble Waffles, Pocket Waffles, and Pancakes. Additionally, Cotton Candy Buritto, Stick Waffle Ice Creams, Smoothies, and other Continental sweets are all available on the menu at London Bubble Company.
  • Flavor: With variants such as bubble Waffles wraps, pocket waffles, and bubble pretzels, the London bubble company promises to reshape the concept of waffles. Bubble waffles are a treat for all senses, including flavor, texture, and aroma.
  • Value: the end result of developments that create new offerings focused on local appeal, tastes, and packaging, with an emphasis on freshness and quality of goods and services.
  • Customers will fulfill their entire sweetest craving under one roof because they have every imaginable waffle range in their shop.
  • Hygiene: They ensure a high standard of hygiene in all of their outlets for their customers who put their trust in them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The London Bubble Co Franchise?

The investment of the London Bubble Co is Rs. 5 lakhs.

How Many Outlets Are Required For The London Bubble Co Franchise?

The outlets required for the London Bubble Co franchise are 70.

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