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Mini Cake House Franchise in Virar West, Palghar, and Mumbai, which opened in the year 2018, is a leading player in the group Cake Shops in Palghar, Mumbai. 

About Mini Cake House

This well-known establishment serves customers both locally and from other parts of Palghar, Mumbai, as a one-stop-shop. This company has built a strong presence in its industry over the course of its existence. This company’s conviction that customer loyalty is just as vital as its goods and services have helped it build a large customer base that continues to expand by the day. Individuals who are committed to their positions are employed by this company.

This establishment is located in the Virar West neighborhood of Palghar, Mumbai. Commuting to this establishment is easy, as there are a variety of modes of transportation available. It is conveniently located near Dmart Road, making it simple for first-time visitors to locate this establishment. Cake Shops, Cake Delivery Services, Pastry Shops, 24 Hours Cake Delivery Services, Chickpea Pastry Retailers, Birthday Cake Suppliers, Birthday Cake Retailers, Eggless Cake Retailers are only a few of the categories where it excels.

Products And Services Provided Include

Mini’s Cake House 9 in Virar West offers a diverse selection of goods and services to meet their customers’ diverse needs. This establishment’s staff is courteous and timely in offering assistance. They are quick to respond to any inquiries or questions you might have.

Mini Cake House Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 5 lakhs
Area RequiredRs. 150 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 1 lakh

Features Of Mini Cake House Franchise

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  • Mini Cake House 9 has a high-quality product line that is both creative and well-liked. They uphold a high standard of food protection.
  • Complete Customization: With the tagline “You Think They Build,” they promise to produce a product that is exactly what you imagine.
  • Marketing: They have a team of people whose sole purpose is to raise product awareness through advertising and marketing.
  • Equipment and Décor: Mini Cake House 9 has a coded procedure for décor and kitchen equipment that franchisees must obey. Through it, they ensure and support the franchise themselves.
  • Specifications for their goods include the following:
  • The product line of superior quality, innovation, and evolution.
  • Committed to the satisfaction and pleasure of customers.
  • Marketing that has an effect
  • Continual improvement in all facets of providing customers with a memorable experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Franchise Fee Of The Mini Cake House Franchise?

The franchise fee of the Mini Cake House Franchise is Rs 1 lakh.

What Is The Area Required For The Mini Cake House Franchise?

The area required for the Mini Cake House Franchise is 150 sq. ft.

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