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Mio Amore is a reputed brand for their bakery products.They are based in Eastern India.Mio Amore believes on quality and fresh food which will delight your mind.The company started their journey in 1950 and now they are one of the premier confectionery brand in India.They are mostly specialized for their mouthwatering cakes.You can order cakes for different occasion like wedding cakes , birthday cakes , Anniversary , special part , Biyer Tatta etc.They are expanding their franchise network in all over India so fast.You can also be part of Mio Amore franchise chain.Today in this post we will learn how to start Mio Amore franchise and application process.

About Mio Amore

Mio Amore had first started with cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and so on under the name of Switz Foods Pvt ltd and was associated with the brand of Monginis in the retail market. The brand was also associated with other huge brands such as Britannia and ITC as a supplier of their products. However, due to some disagreements by the management of Monginis, their agreement was ended in the year 2015, but this also paved way for the brand to have a monopoly over Monginis in the eastern part of India.  

What Are Benefits of Starting Mio Amore

  • We have discussed the basic company details in above paragraph.Before starting business with them ,you should know the main benefits which will help you to run franchise business.
  • Mio Amore running their business for last 25 years,and they have improved a lot.They understand their customers and capable to offer quality food.You don’t need to worry for food quality and brand.
  • Daily innovative design and frequently updated menu for cakes attract people to taste their food.You get better sale and commission.
  • Simple franchise agreement and terms & conditions.They don’t have any hidden criteria for getting franchise approval from their authority.
  • You don’t required very high skill or advanced training to run this franchise.In initial stage they will guide you A to Z about their store ,regarding their food distribution and customer approach.

How Much Is Cost For Mio Amore

As you know almost every franchise needs initial investment.The set up fees depends on company to company.For Mio Amore franchise you need approximate total 11 lakhs.The exact investment amount can be changed depending on various factors like area, location and franchise type.Here you can break up the fees to understand more easily :

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  1. Advance Deposit Amount: Rs. 2 lakhs
  2. Display Counter Security Deposit: Rs. 5 lakhs
  3. Interior Decoration Expenses: Rs. 5 lakhs.

What Are Requirements For Mio Amore

Mio Amore welcomes new partner from different locations periodically.If your location is good enough and if you believe you can sell their cakes , go for it.Right now they prefer application only from West Bengal.However,the company may change their decision at any time and invite all to request their franchise.Therefore,if you are planning to start the business in West Bengal,you can apply right now.

Space required to set up Mio Amore franchise store

You need minimum 250 sq ft (Carpet Area) for shop area.Front area is the most important for any store location.They clearly mentioned that they require Minimum 10 ft. in length.However,if you don’t have the per-mentioned area,you can still contact and request for their customized service.Besides,your location should have good parking area and ground floor.

Property Ownership documents For Mio Amore

You need to submit the original property papers for verifying the ownership.If you are planning to start in rented area,you need to submit rental documents with proper period validity.

Franchise Terms or agreement period For Mio Amore

Most franchise provider they allow initial agreement period up to 5 years.We don’t have exact information regarding the Mio Amore franchise agreement period.However, its between 3 to 5 years.later if you plan to extend ,you can renew agreement.

What Are Profit Margin In Mio Amore

The profit margin that one can expect from acquiring Mio Amore Franchise is around 20 % of the MRP. Normally, this profit is considered to be lower than what is to be expected, however, with a quick selling range of items, it is not bad eithe

How To Apply For Mio Amore

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After finishing all the stages that are included in the pre-planning of your Franchise acquisition, it is time to apply for Mio Amore Franchise. For acquiring this Franchise, one simply has to fill the application form which is available on the official website of the brand. Once you have submitted the form, the officials of the company would get in touch with you. The official website of the brand is as follows, 

What Are Contact Details for Mio Amore

Name of the Applicant : Submit your full name
Residential Address  : Submit your full address
Telephone No :Your contact number
Education :
Occupation : What is your profession
Place of Employment : Any employment details
Office/Business Address : If any
Brief Career History :
Name of the Proposed shop : Shop details
Detail Address of the Proposed Shop :
Name of the Partners & their Relationship with the Applicant :
Source of Funds :
Bank Finance details :
Legal Status of the proposed business :
Proprietorship  Firm / Partnership Firm Company
Ownership Tenancy Leave & License
Area of the proposed shop ( Carpet ) :
Length (in ft.) * :
Breadth (in ft.) * :
Height (in ft.) * :
Total Area (LXB) * :

Details of nearest Cake Shops : If any with pin code

Official Website : http://www.mioamore.net

Head office and address

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North Kolkata, North 24 Parganas and Nadia

Toll Free Number : 1800-212-4030


If you are looking into stepping into the franchise business world, then partnering with Mio Amore, the well-reputed cake shop brand of eastern India, is the best franchise business decision you have taken.

We hope the information shared by us proves to be helpful for you; however, if you have any further queries, do let us know in the comment section down below. And we will get in touch with you soon.

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