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Momo Magic Cafe Franchise opened in Patna in 2018 with the unusual idea of combining Momo and other fast food options under one roof.

About Momo Magic Cafe

Customers who visited Momo Magic Cafe were all extremely satisfied with the service and consistency of the Momos.

As a result, the new Momo’s Business brand has opened 5 to 6 momo magic stores across India. Also, Momo Magic is the most affordable fast-food franchise.

Momo Magic Cafe Franchise Model

Area Required600 sq. ft.
InvestmentRs. 10 lakhs
Renewal period5 years
Franchise Cost3 lakhs

The Benefits Of Owning A Momo Magic Cafe Franchise

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Momo’s Business is the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing company. Further, If you want to start a Momo Business Franchise, the following details will help you.

  • MMC (Momo Magic Cafe) is India’s fastest-growing fast-food chain.
  • It’s a fast-food restaurant chain.
  • Also, they will serve hot, delectable food.
  • A complete menu of fast food and beverages is available.
  • Ingredients of the highest standard.
  • Moreover, there is also a wide range of fast food options.
  • Lastly, Quick Turn around

Company Support

Customers will receive complete support from the organization.

  • Centralization of Inventory control and supply chain support.
  • Preparation and distribution of a complete range of operating manuals, covering pre-opening and day-to-day activities.
  • Additionally, You will get management, operational, and technical advice and guidance.
  • Management and financial advice and guidance are also given during visits to the franchised territory.
  • Help for personalized store designs and layouts on a technical level.
  • Moreover, market research, production, and the launch of new products are all ongoing.
  • Regular updates on operational manuals

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Franchise Cost Of The Momo Magic Cafe Franchise?

The franchise cost will be 3 lakhs.

What Is The Renewal Period Of Momo Magic Cafe?

The renewal period is 5 years.

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