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Most of us live a mechanical life today not having time even to cook or eat at home. We keep running one race or the other all through the day in all direction to meet our commitments. Many among us are regularly dependent on food joints for our food all three times a day. People who are health conscious go in for branded restaurants that provide health friendly foods meeting the high standards set in the food industry.


There are many food joints in India which provide healthy foods prepared with high quality materials. One such food joint is Moti Mahal which focuses in providing health friendly food to people of India. We provide here important information pertaining to becoming a Franchise for Moti Mahal in India.

What Are Benefits of Starting

Authentic In Nature

Moti Mahal is one of the prestigious food joint in India Tandoori and Curry recipes that are highly authentic in nature. The Murg Makhani and Butter Chicken served in Moti Mahal are famous across the globe. In fact these two items are not only their flagship dishes but also is considered as a brand by itself.

World Leader

Moti Mahal is not considered as the world leader in Tandoori items for no reason. The various Tandoori and Curry dishes prepared here has earned this name and fame for it.

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Mobile Store

Global Image

Moti Mahal is such an established brand in India and across the globe that anyone aspiring to become a Franchise for the brand can succeed with in an easy manner. The brand attracts people through its quality and variety of Tandoori and curry food items it offers.

Brand Name

This is a pointer to the zero efforts the new Franchise need to put in to establish the brand or on marketing the products. The unparalleled hospitality levels that people experience in Moti Mahal Deluxe restaurants is sure to attract people automatically building business rapidly for the Franchisee.

Worldwide Growth

When you own a Moti Mahal Group Restaurant, You are a part of the world’s largest chain of fine dining restaurants and one of the most loved brands of worldwide.

Proven Business Model

The Moti Mahal franchisee will get unparalleled support, almost 100 years of experience and the goodwill of the Moti Mahal Group; everything you need to run a successful restaurant.

Moti Mahal Foods

Foods are the biggest asset of Moti Mahal Restaurant. Moti Mahal is the undisputed leaders in North India Cuisine, having created much of the north Indian Menu as the world knows it. Any enthusiastic entrepreneur can be a part of Moti’s success.

Power of Six

With Mothi Mahal Group, the entrepreneur can choose from six different, successful brands. Pick the brands that fit your aspirations, location and budget.

Moti Mahal Support Network

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Drawing from the experience of Moti Mahal’s restaurants worldwide, our network is world class. The franchisee will never have an issue that Moti Mahal cannot resolve!

How Much Is Cost For

While the Franchise Fee for opening a Food Court Kiosk is 6 Lakhs, the equipment fee is approximately 8 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs. The cost of fittings is 10 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs and the Royalty Fees is 6% of the annual gross sales. The return on investment for this model Franchise is expected between two and a half to three years and the space required to open a Food Court Kiosk is 400 Square feet to 600 square feet.

While the Franchise Fee for opening a Fine Dine Restaurant is 8 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs, the equipment fee is approximately 15 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs. The cost of fittings is 50 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs and the Royalty Fees is 6% of the annual gross sales

What Are Requirements For

How Much Area Is Required For

The space required to open a Food Court Kiosk is 2500 Square feet to 4000 square feet.

What Are Profit Margin In

The return on investment for this model Franchise is expected between two and a half to three years

How To Apply For

Fill up the form available for the purpose in the official website of Moti Mahal and if you fit in all requirements, you will become a Moti Mahal Franchise in no time

What Are Contact Details for

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Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality

 Head Office: 1, Ishwar Nagar East,

3rd Floor, New Delhi-110065

Corporate Office: H-9/A, 3rd Floor

Kalkaji Main Market, New Delhi-110019

Mobile Number:

+91 9811000858, 91 9811006680


011-26443396 F: 011-46516417


The Moti Mahal Restaurant mission is to set up outlets with the least amount of expenditure and deliver extensive menus and multiple revenue sources while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and quality that customers will buy.

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