Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Cost, Profit, How To Apply, Investment, Requirements | SkillsAndTech

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Cost, Profit, How To Apply, Investment, Requirements | SkillsAndTech

They own and operate India’s second largest single-site, state of the art refinery in Vadinar, Gujarat. Our refinery, which is one of the most modern and complex refineries (Nelson complexity index 11.8), constitutes approximately 8% of Indian refinery capacity.

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Wiki

Vadinar, a small coastal town located in Devbhoomi Dwarka district in the state of Gujarat, India, is home to one of the most complex refineries in the world. Our refinery started commercial production on May 1, 2008 and is today India’s second largest single – location refinery, capable of handling a diverse range of crude – from sweet to sour and light to ultra-heavy.

The Refinery has an annual capacity of 20 million metric tonnes (MMT) or 405,000 barrels per day (bpd). It is capable of processing some of the toughest crudes and yet produce high quality Euro IV and Euro VI grade products. We can now produce high quality Bharat Stage (BS VI) compliant fuels that meet international standards. This brings us closer to the global emission standards.

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Benefits

This is highly confidential information. Because this company had not disclosed it. You can only know about this after applying for the franchise. All this will be discussed when the basic criteria are met and fulfilled. You can know the procedure as follows.

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Cost, Investment

Apart from the land, the selected franchisee has to invest in the construction and day-to-day operations of the fuel station. The cost of constructing a retail outlet is approximately ₹70 lakhs – ₹1 crore.

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Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Requirements

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Area Required

The size of the land may vary from location to location and the type of retail outlet to be established. As a thumb rule the land should be more than 800 sq. mts.

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Profit, ROI

Our dealership model is not only simple but also ensures a steady operating profit and return on investments. You could earn: A mutually agreed lease rental on your land for the period of the lease A performance-based return on investment @ 5% p.a. on the capital expenditure made onsite Competitive sales commission on the quantity of fuel sold

Franchise revenue depends on a wide range of factors, as does profit. How much money you can make from any franchise depends on a number of specific factors such as franchise location, labor costs, commercial lease rates and a number of other factors.

How To Apply For Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise 

You can Apply for this franchise at their official website. There you will get a form that you have to fill then company officials will contact you.

Apply Here

Nayara Energy’s Petrol Pump Franchise Contact Details

Contact Number

022 7132 1122



Is It Profitable To Start Franchises?

Yes, It is very much profitable to start

Where will the products be supplied from?

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Supplies are made from Nayara Energy’s refinery, its own depots and coastal terminals. We have tied up with over 40 PSU locations to ensure seamless supply to our franchisee network.

What is the selection process?

The identified plot of land is assessed for its business potential by Nayara Energy. The applicant is also screened for financial capability & business acumen. The necessary land documents and personal information is to be submitted to Nayara Energy for a review. Once the land and the applicant is found suitable, a Letter of Appointment (LOA) is issued.

What approvals / licenses are required for the retail outlets?

Listed below is the regular set of permissions required. However, the list can be different from one state to another: NA (Non- Agricultural) Conversion CCOE (Explosives Department) initial approval District Collector NOC, Police commissioner NOC, approval from PWD, Electricity board, Gram panchayat etc. depending on the requirement by the competent authority. Final CCOE License NH (National Highway) – access road permission. If applicable Forest NOC – In case of forest land Retail Selling licence wherever applicable Weights and Measures stamping

Is the Application fee refundable?

The application fee is non-refundable once the LOA is issued. It may be refunded in exceptional cases and only if there is a valid justification, such as a statutory approval being denied by a Government agency. The refund will be at the discretion of Nayara Energy.

Does the land have to be leased to the company? Will any lease rental be paid?

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Land identified for the retail outlet has to be leased to the company for a period of 29 years and 11 months, except in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu where the requirement is 29 years and Rajasthan where it is 19 years and 11 months due to regulatory norms.


So far we have shared the basics of franchise overview for this Franchise. It is the most profitable franchise. You will never doubt your decision to start this franchise. Go ahead and achieve your goal. If you find more information please feel free to share with us. Share your thoughts and we will definitely contact you with new franchise and opportunities. Stay Tuned for more franchise. Thank you

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