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Pasta Fresca Franchise is all about eat in pleasure and live joyfully. 

About Pasta Fresca

Pasta Fresca implies fresh pasta. Fast food is known to be a quick meal, so innovation and healthy substitutions for food supporters. Smile is serving with a variety of nutritious fresh pasta with many flavors. Fresco pasta is a high-class fresh pasta fast food concept. The cooking process incorporates theater preparation of nutritious dishes within a couple of minutes before the clients. It’s a convenient and exciting way for customers because their fresh pasta is covered with creative sauces and presented in isolating ‘cups.’

Specialists make sauces containing high-quality ingredients. We offer a fantastic and delicious selection of sauces for consumers to taste pasta uniquely. Desserts are cooked and selected with a flavor and original in mind and their other tasty products (salads, soups, drinks).

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Pasta Fresca Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 50 thousand
Area Required100 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeNone

Features Of Pasta Fresca Franchise

  • Their price is an important asset: everyone’s affordable. From 15 AED to pasta cup and from 10 AED to dessert.
  • Multiple objectives: High schools students, college students, employees, and families all want a variety from a sandwich or burger’s typical fast meal. Pasta is an all-time favorite dish for all age groups.
  • A wide range of customer profiles is available throughout the variety and regular renovation of this menu.
  • Homemade with a meal, water, hard hard hard wheat meal, and cooling eggs is their fresh pasta.
  • Their sauces are full of original recettes, in color and in flavor.
  • Other vital factors for the healthy, balanced diet – which may be found at Pasta Fresca – are traceability and environmentally sound products.
  • The freshness and hygiene of the product are treated extremely seriously at Pasta Fresca.
  • Thanks to the variety of fresh pasta available at Pasta Fresca, a delicious, nutritious, entire, and balanced choice is provided with a delectable sauce.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What Is The Investment Of The Pasta Fresca Franchise?

The investment of the Pasta Fresca Franchise is Rs. 50 thousand.

What Is The Model Of The Pasta Fresca Franchise?

The model of the Pasta Fresca Franchise is QSR.

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