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The popularity of the Prawn Farming Business industry is increasing and it is becoming more popular. Because of the high-profit margin, new growers choose this business plan over any other commercial farming venture.

Prawns are becoming more popular every day. Prawns are also in high demand in the food processing sector. This is why Prawns have been growing faster by new growers.

Apart from these shrubs, Prawn farming business can also be done in conjunction with other types of commercial farming such as fish farming and duck farming. It is now possible to raise Prawns throughout the year, and the excitement of it is increasing.

You will need a sufficient sized pond to run your own Prawn Farm. It is a good idea to either rent or build your own pond if you don’t have one. It’s a great idea to lease a pond.

This farming business, like commercial fish farming, requires a pond that is large enough to allow Prawns to grow well. For commercial Prawn farming, you will need a 1,500 square foot area. This is enough space to start a new Prawn farming venture. For farming Prawns, a pond should be 8 X 8 feet. It should also have a depth of at least 5 feet.

Prawn Farming Business Investment

The prawn farming business investment is very profitable and does not require a lot of capital. It takes 75,000 to begin a profitable prawn farming operation in a 1-acre pond. This yield is the most expensive. It can be harvested in as little as 8 to 9 months. Baby prawns and living prawns are the most expensive input to this farming. These growing prawns can be easily purchased from the market. The price for one kilogram of living prawns or baby prawns ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 500. But, it is possible to make good profits by raising baby Prawns of high quality and rapid growth.

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Here is how to calculate all materials and their costs, which are essential for starting a new prawn farm.

Type of investmentCost of the Investment (in R)
Cost of Prawn ShedRs 15,000
Cost of foodRs. 5,000
Fertilizer costsRs. 5000
Cost to prepare a pond (100 feet)Rs. 30,000
Cost of miscellaneous investmentsRs. 20,000
Total ExpensesRs 75,000

The calculation above can differ from one person to another depending on the prawn farming business level. This could also depend on the equipment used.

Site Requirements

A land that is large enough to house the prawns is essential for any prawn farming business. You need to choose a suitable farm location for growing prawns. It is essential that water is available at the location. Pay attention to how far your farm is from the nearest market. A prawn farm close to a city can lower the cost of transport and increase your profit. The best way to get the cheapest transportation for any vehicle is in a city that has roads.


It is essential that you have the basic requirements to be able to grow or raise prawns. Without these, it is impossible and not financially profitable. It is a smart idea to get all the basic requirements of prawns, as this will help you plan your prawn farming business.

Below is a list of the essential requirements for prawn farming.

  • A pond that has a clean and reliable water source
  • To raise healthy and high quality baby prawns
  • Farm shades
  • Manpower: Low-cost labor
  • You may need to transport your product from one place to another.
  • Good quality food should be well-stocked
  • A net to catch the prawns from the pond

Prawn Farming Culture in The Pond

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How to Prepare a Fertile and Productive Pond

You will need to build a sufficient pond to allow prawns to grow well. This will ensure that you get high quality products and a good return on your investment. Your prepared pond shouldn’t be more than 4 feet deep and should also have a well-designed design, such as a square or circular construction.

Your prepared pond should have a clean base and a pH of 7-8. Spray suitable chemical fertilizers that are resistant to disease on the sides of your pond to protect the baby prawns from getting into the pond.

The addition of cow dung manure to the pond can also increase fertility and reproductive potential. It also helps with the growth of planktons and plants. The pond should now be filled with clean water. Allow it to remain filled for ten days so that the small commercial creature can grow in its pond.

Breed Selection for prawn farming business

The key to making a profit in this prawn farming business is breed selection. Producing prawns that are fast-growing and high-yielding will result in more production. Depending on the climate, you can grow a specific breed that is high-yielding. It is always beneficial to grow a breed that is quick-growing and requires minimal care. This will help you earn good returns.

Water Treatment

It is important to properly treat the pond water in order to produce healthy prawns. The first step is to determine what elements are present in the pond water. Next, add all necessary elements to the pond water for better quality prawns.

Growing Prawns

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For better prawn development, allow the prawn larvae to grow for at least one month under the watchful eye of the Hatchery expert. Once the prawns have reached maturity and the initial growth is normal, you can place them in the growing pool.

How many prawns are there per pound?

You can place at least 3,000 Prawns into a pond that is at least 50m long, 30m wide and 2ft deep. For their health, feed them two to three times per day. Proper feeding and stable oxygen levels are key factors in prawn growth.

To achieve higher production, ensure that your pond has a constant Oxygen level. Also, make sure to check it frequently.

Feeding your Prawn Pond

There are many options for fodder on the market today, but they can be quite expensive. Because of this, small-scale farmers cannot afford to buy this costly fodder because they lack the money.

This nutritious diet can be prepared at home using only the vegetable west particle and extra fodder. To meet your protein requirements, you can use cow dung to make nutritious and healthy fodder.

This nutritious fodder, whether homemade or expensive, should be provided in adequate quantities at least three times per day.

Prawn Disease and Their Treatment

As with any other farm business, diseases can also be observed in the Prawn farming industry. This farming is prone to viral infected diseases such as

  • White Spot Syndrome Virus, (WSSV),
  • Yellowhead Disease Virus (YHDV),
  • Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV),
  • Infectious Haematopoietic and Hypodermal Necrosis Virus (IHHNV)
  • Vibrio harveyi and other common diseases are seen in commercial Prawn farming business.

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To maintain a healthy pond and a greater yield, it is important to keep the observed diseases at bay. All of these diseases can be avoided if water quality is maintained.

Harvesting Prawns

Prawn harvesting times are largely determined by the Prawn’s condition, market demand and the price. Cast nets are used to collect them from different areas of the growing pond based on their average weight, shape, and size. The soft shell should not exceed 5 percent in the pond at harvesting. You can achieve this by scheduling harvesting the Prawns in between two moultings. Exuviae found in the growing pond can indicate that there is molting.

Harvesting should take place after one week if your Prawns are weighing in at 30 gm. You can observe the next molting in two weeks.

Ice the Prawns after harvesting.

Prawn farming business profit

How much prawn farming business profit will be? You can easily make more than 3 lakhs if you grow Prawns using advanced Prawns farming methods. All it takes is Rs 50,000 to start this prawn farming business plan.

This profit can be increased by proper management of the Prawn farm, as well as selecting a fast-growing and high-yielding Prawn breed.

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