Purpose of reading – what we read for


Reading is not only to utter the words of a lesson. Running on sentences uttering the words only and not picking what it says, is just wastage of time. There is purpose behind reading.

The purpose of reading is to assimilate what we read which mean to learn and understand so that we can use it ourselves. Reading is a brain-using activity. Reading means to get the main idea which is presented by author in the lesson. Read every sentence with attention and pick up from it what the author has explained in it.

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While reading a lesson, use your brain work on the idea you get from lesson and make a sketch of it in your mind for reproducing it in exam.

How to enhance your picking power? Think that every information or idea in every sentence or paragraph is nourishment for your mind and you have to read to get the nourishment for your mind. If you want to study effectively, take this thought to heart.

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You should also use a high-lighter to highlight important part of your lesson, a sentence or paragraph. You may have to read a lesson three or four times. You may revise it many times to gain full command on it. Once you are done with reading, close your book and write down on paper what you have picked up from reading. Doing so you will observe how much your reading was effective.
Some subjects contain more data. Like a science subject may contain scientific laws, principles, formulae, Proforma, and diagrams etc. It may seem a bit difficult to understand them. But never decide at first glance that it is difficult.

Always think that it is easy and think that you are already acquainted with it. Thinking so make it is easier for you to understand them. Give it a read. Such subject may need more time reading than the other easy one like literature subject. Similarly never skip a paragraph of lesson or whole lesson thinking it is difficult.

Different types of subjects require different types of mental approach while you read them. Suppose you are reading a science subject think scientifically, it helps you learn easily. If you read a book of business matters, think business mindfully, it helps you learn easily.

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