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Rajasthani Namkeen Franchise | SkillsAndTech

Those traditional snacks, which are a must at every Indian high tea party, which are the prerequisite for the authentic Rajasthani meals, which are popularly used for snacking by kids, teenagers and even adults and elders when mom hasn’t cooked the dinner yet.

Yes, we are talking about the Indian namkeen industry which is valued at ₹1 lakh crore and how Rajasthani namkeen was one of the major contributor to it and why you should get your hands on this value adding brand

About Rajasthani namkeen

Rajasthani namkeen with its decade long experience in preparation of snacks and riots of flavours has been pacingly becoming a household essential among the Indian consumers.

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Here is some insight for you to understand this I’ll brand and the value it’s products provide

·       It has a range of products which surpasses more than 18 variants of namkeen like : sev, moongdaal, mixes, nuts and also a developing line of the traditional Indian must have “papads”

·       It’s operations are spread across 18 cities in India.

·       From its method of preparing these traditional Indian snacks through authentic recipes by “halvaais” morning to its packaging, it promises 100% natural products.

·       It has been in the namkeen industry since 3+ years.

·       It testifies to supply 1M + products per month with staff of 162+

   I.        Everything you need to know about Rajasthani namkeen franchise :

A.  Unique selling point for Rajasthani franchise:  The unique value which comes along with acquiring a Rajasthani namkeen franchise is :

·       It’s continuously expanding product line in Indian and ethnic snacks itself like papads, widening its target market by meeting every typical Indian consumer need

·       Secondly, The taste of Rajasthani namkeen products which matches the taste of dominating brands like Haldiram, bikanervala etc is likely to develop easy trust in the products of Rajasthani as a substitution

B.  Rajasthani namkeen business model :

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Every business model consists of four variants which defines its operations and the business model for Rajasthani namkeen is as follows :

a)    Value proposition : As discussed above the value proposition of Rajasthani namkeen is

·       its potential of expanding products to reach a wider market

·       Immediate substitute

·       The taste, quality and variety which is expected of a namkeen brand by every typical Indian consumer

·       A decade of experience in with personalised recipes

b)   Target consumers : The consumers for Rajasthani namkeen is everyone. From kids, teenagers, adults to elders, street food stalls, restaurants, hotels, canteens etc

c)   Competitor review : The major competitors would be bikanervala, haldiram’s etc

d)   Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy for Rajasthani namkeen products could be according to the product of Rajasthani and what the consumers want to seek from it.

·       Ads, articles, blogs on the low-fat snacks offered by Rajasthani to attract the health conscious consumers

·       Ads, billboards etc on the affordability and variety for a typical Indian consumer etc

C. Benefits of starting a Rajasthani namkeen franchise :

The benefits of starting a Rajasthani namkeen franchise are as follows :

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·       Brand name : One could get a benefit of the brand name Rajasthani namkeen comes with I.e it’s authenticity of Rajasthan, a decade of experience, operations around 18 cities in the nation.

·       Benefit of consistent demand : One could definitely replace their demand for a foreign snack with another foreign snack but cannot substitutes the Indian namkeen with any other foreign namkeen, so there’s a consistent demand for Indian based traditional snacks

·       Perk of the Indian consumer market : The indian namkeen market has a demand from every segment, target and niche of the Indian consumer market who consider sev, moongdal, mixes etc for casual snacking

·       Minimal investment: The Rajasthani namkeen comes with a minimal investment and offered easy return on investment because of the consistent demand and the entire Indian consumer market as its target consumer

D. What are the requirements and qualifications for Rajasthani namkeen

a.   Requirements  

·       A space requirement between 100 sq ft. – 500 sq ft. depending on the location and operations of the store.

·       A staff requirement of 3-4 members with training in sales and management

·       A skill requirement in entrepreneurship and customer service

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b.   Qualifications

One is qualified to run a Rajasthani namkeen franchise if they meet the following documentation requirements:

·       Standard franchise rental agreement

·       Aadhar card, PAN card, Bank details

·       Financial and educational background

E. Investment requirement to run a Rajasthani namkeen franchise :

A Rajasthani namkeen franchise typically requires an initial investment as showed :

1.   Investment₹ 50000-₹2lakhs 
2.   Franchise/Brand fee₹ 1 lakh 
3.   Royalty/commission 30% 

F. Rajasthani namkeen franchise profits :

1)  Profits₹ 100000 
2)  Return on investment 40% 
3)  Pay back period 1-2 years 

G. How to apply for a Rajasthani namkeen franchise

One can apply for a Rajasthani namkeen franchise in the following ways

·       Refer the official website of Rajasthani namkeen and enter your contact details, query of franchise acquisition and wait for them to revert back

·       Contact the number mentioned on the Rajasthani namkeen website and learn about the franchise  application process

·       Email the Rajasthani namkeen officials through their email address about your desire to acquire one of its franchise and meet with their documentation requirements

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II.   Suggestions

If you are still scratching your head if whether or not to take up this franchise, we advice you to sit back, get a Rajasthani namkeen pack and snack on it while you give you a little closure :

·       Firstly, This franchise comes with an ease in investment, higher returns and reasonable profits because of the brand dealing in a traditional Indian snack with the entire nation being its consumers

·       Secondly, it can be chosen as an immediate substitute in absence of the availability of bigger brands because of its authenticity in taste

·       Lastly, namkeen comes with a lower shelf life so they have a perk of routine demand from every segment of consumer giving you more than just a reason to get your hands on this franchise.

III.  Contact details :

You have a decision made now,  don’t you ? Let’s take it up a notch and let us assist you getting started on this franchise acquisition already. Here are the details :

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