Rubber Molding Business Cost, Profit, How To Start, Requirements | ChildArticle

Rubber Molding Business Cost, Profit, How To Start, Requirements | ChildArticle

The rubber molding business in India is an excellent opportunity for business enthusiasts. Rubber molding is a procedure of manufacturing a usable rubber product from uncured rubber or elastomers. Elastomer is a natural or synthetic polymer having elastic properties, which means they return into their primary shape or size on applying pressure. So they are generally used in various businesses since they are flexible, but also because they can likewise have different uses in homegrown and modern sectors like industries.

India is the second-largest and third-biggest producer of rubber in the world. The rubber molding business in India is amongst the most important manufacturing industries in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The rubber industry of India manufactures about 30,000 plus different products that are used in various fields like defense, agriculture, medical, automobiles, aviation, civil, railway, sports industries, ports, steel plants, etc.

Types of Rubber Molding Process

  • Injection Molding – Under injection molding process, the heated rubber material is injected in a mold under high pressure. The injected molded rubber is kept in the mold for some time to get cold. Injection molding is considered the best method for making rubber products.
  • Compression process – In this process, untreated rubber is planted in the mold, which is closed by exerting hydraulic pressure. This process is mostly used for the products which need average hardness.
  • Compression molding – Under compression molding, the rubber compound is planted in the empty mold, and the rubber compound takes the shape of mold once it is closed. It is considered the easiest of molding.

How to Start a Rubber Molding Business in India

People who are interested in starting the rubber molding business in India need about 170sqm to 500 sqm to start this business initially with some civil work like building walls and shed for this unit. In the initial stage of the rubber molding, the business workforce should be about 10 to 11 people, which depends on the unit’s work and capacity producing. With this much area and workforce, you can produce about 60,000 rubber products per day.

License – What all is needed to Set Up the Rubber Molding Business in India

  • Under the Rubber Act and Rules’ present dispensation, all rubber transactions are regulated through licensing by the Rubber Board in India. Therefore license is a must to start a rubber molding business in India.
  • In order to set up a rubber molding business in India, You need to get a license- License to acquire deal in rubber (dealer’s license) or license to obtain rubber for processing and to sell such processed rubber
  • (Processors license) or permit to acquire rubber for manufacturing rubber products (manufactures license).
  • The dealers and processors license is issued from the Board’s office at Willingdon Island, Kochi- while the manufacturer’s license is issued from the Board’s HQ at Kottayam.
  • Before starting the rubber molding business in India, one needs to get some government’s permission; first, you should get a GST number for your business, fire safety certificate, pollution NOC, and commercial electricity connection.

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Process in Detail

For example, if someone is going to tread tyre rubber business, raw materials need to be put in the mixing machine; in this step, the mixing machine mixes all the raw materials, which takes about 20-25 minutes and gives out in the form of a rubber sheet.

In the next step, the kneader machine makes a long thin strip of the rubber sheets, and then the thin rubber strips are inserted in the extruder machine in which thin rubber strips can be cut into desired sheets. After size cutting, the rubber is now planted in the cold press machine, where the rubber gets heated and converts in the form of a tyre, and in last step, it is let to cool it down and, after cooling, is packed and is ready to ship it to market.


If we talk about tread tyre rubber business, it takes about 50-60 lacs to start it fully and make profits of up to 4-5 lacs per month.

The industrial sector, which consumes most of the rubber products manufactured

  • Automobile sector- tires,-50% of the total produced
  • Two-wheelers tyres-15%
  • shoe industry- 12%
  • latex products- 7%
  • other products- 10%

Rubber Molding Business in India for Startups

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  • Balloon Manufacturing – ballons are thing rubber products and easy to manufacture, and also they are widely used, a very good product for startup on a small scale.
  • Hospital Consumables – In hospital doctors, nurses use latex, rubber gloves daily; if one starts this on a small scale, it can generate a good amount of profits.
  • Conveyor belt rubber – Conveyor belts are used mostly in all industries. And day-by-day industrialization increases, and demand for conveyor belt is also increasing rapidly.
  • Other examples for small scale startups are – rubber gaskets, rubber-based adhesive, auto tubes, radial tyres, waste tyre pyrolysis, water storage tanks, rubber floor mats, plastic containers, etc.

The world production of rubber was viewed as truly precarious during the last few years.


Similarly, India’s production of rubber is steady at a rate of 6% per annum. The eubbwe molding business in India is developing with its underlying foundations more profound. India is the third-largest consumers while the largest maker of standard rubber products in the world. The expansion of the rubber industry in India assumes a critical function in the worldwide economy.

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the rubber molding business in India, Aatmnirbhar Sena will provide them assistance and help them grow their startup to boost our economy.

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