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Mobile phones have been the craze of the day. Today’s youngsters have learnt to enjoy the technological developments that have been happening in all aspects of life. The mobile industry has swept over the young generation with such high velocity that mobile phones occupies majority of their precious time.

About Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise

Today’s youth keep changing their mobile instrument models to venture out the many hardware and software features that change with every model. Particularly when it comes to Samsung mobile phones, the craze is high and unbelievable.

Samsung has its own top position for decades now winning over competition brands that couldn’t withstand the business potential Samsung exhibited. We provide here important details pertaining to open a Samsung Smart phones retail Franchise.

What Are Benefits of Starting Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise

As per International Data Corporation and the realistic experiences of many in the society, Samsung is one of the best mobile brands in the globe. The smart phone brand that is termed as the best in the year 2015 has in its clutch the complete high class society. While Samsung targets to release budget phones to capture the middle class market, in the African and Asian continents, this move is expected to sweep the local market completely.

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Samsung is such an influential brand that it’s name acts as the selling point more than anything else. Anyone becoming a dealer or Franchise for Smart Phones is keeping himself away from taking efforts towards advertising and marketing the brand. Mobile phones sales happen automatically in high volumes for the brand name Samsung and the faith people have in the brand assures continued sales.

How Much Is Cost For Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise

Smart Café Retail is apt to be opened in ‘A’ class metro cities. Such types require minimum 450 Sq Ft. to 600 Sq Ft. area to operate from and a minimum investment of 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs to open the same.

What Are Requirements For Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise

How Much Area Is required For Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise

For opening a Samsung Digital Plaza Stores, the minimum space requirement is minimum 1100 Sq Ft. While 14 Sq. Ft is to be used for the frontage area the minimum ceiling height recommended is 10.5 Ft. Apt to be opened in Tier 2 cities, the investment requirement will be comparatively lesser than that of opening a Smart Café Retail outlet

Samsung Digital Plaza stores

Here you can have all the Samsung products, the minimum carpet area required is 1100 sq ft with frontage of 14 sq ft and minimum ceiling height of 10.5 ft. These stores should be opened preferably in two tier cities.

Samsung Premium Brand stores

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The carpet area and other requirements for Premium Brand stores are same that of Digital Plaza, however it is preferred in metro cities where the Company have the facility to launch its Premium products.

How To Apply For Samsung Smartphones Retail Franchise

If you want to know more like which format of Samsung Smartphones franchising retail store to take or which products to sell, you can introduce yourself as a potential vendor by filling up this form from here:

The customer support is always there to help you. You can contact them also at

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