Screw Manufacturing Business Plan, Requirement, Investment, Profit, Machine Required | SkillsAndTech

Screw Manufacturing Business Plan, Requirement, Investment, Profit, Machine Required | SkillsAndTech

Screws are an Item of fasteners used to join two or more parts of metal or other hard material. These are used to join different parts of a Die/Fixture etc. They have a cylindrical body with uniform threads all along the length. Due to the increasing population and the necessities attached to it, screws are always in demand in the market. So, today in this article we’ll discuss the requirements, machines required, investment, profit and how to set up this screw manufacturing business.

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Day to day the demand for screws is increasing due to an increase in infrastructure development. It is used in many places like furniture, aluminium window, joint aluminium, for ceiling work, mechanical and electrical appliances and used in many places in day-to-day life. So, by knowing this it can be said that if you’ll start the screw manufacturing business then it will be profitable in very less time.

The most important aspect about the manufacturing of this product is that the brand is not important as far as screws are concerned hence entrepreneurs can go for the manufacturing at the district or tehsil level. Keeping the quality standards in mind, and they could be on the road to success. For the purpose of marketing one can contact hardware store and the stores that keep stuff related to building construction.

How to start Screw Manufacturing Business?

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If you want to start screw manufacturing business then you must follow some steps which is given below:

Survey: Before starting this business, most important you must survey about the consumption of screw in your location and place of supply. Also visit to some screw seller vendors to ask about this business potential.

Consult to the supplier: After survey, contact to a screw manufacturing business machine supplier to setup the plant.

Select the proper place: After that select a proper area where you want to setup this business. But location must be out from city, can easily available raw material and all necessary things.

Infrastructure: After selecting the proper space you have to build the infrastructure of your factory.

Loan Apply: If you need any financial help for this business then you can apply for the loan.

Business Setup: After these all setup your machine and all the required things in your location. And also hire some labour to do this business.

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Training: Take a training for how to manufacture the screw and their types. And the supplier will provide you training and teach you all the details of this business and the machine.

Manufacturing: Start you manufacturing

Packaging: Pack the manufactured screw in the packet of 500g, 1kg, 2kg and as per the market requirements.

Marketing: You can do your marketing by the help of vendor and contractor visit. Offer some more scheme and profit and force them to sell your product.

Selling: Start your selling to keep a marketing boy in you locations.

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Government Schemes

Boosting Screw Manufacturing Business and Other Small Businesses. MSME Ministry is increasing aid to Screw Manufacturing Business and other small and medium scale businesses in India.

The government of India has also moved further in this regard to encourage various small sectors and private sectors by launching several schemes such as:

MUDRA Scheme – Under this scheme, the agency was set up to refinance and develop micro units across the country. It extends funding to the non-corporate small business sector.

Aatmnirbhar Bharat Scheme – Free collateral loans to MSMEs and other stressed sectors.

Coir Vikas Yojna – It encourages various activities like still development, up-gradation, and modernization of industries, promoting domestic as well as an export market.

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National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program  It facilitates technology up-gradation by providing a 15% upfront capital subsidy.

Entrepreneurship and skill development program – Organized to nourish the expertise of youth by enlightening them on numerous aspects of industrial exercise needed for setting up small industries.

Marketing promotion schemes – to develop domestic markets and promotion of new market access initiatives.

Machinery required for the Screw Manufacturing Business:

All the machine which is required in the screw manufacturing business are given below with the price :

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Sl No.Name of MachineryMarket price
1.Heavy Duty Drywall Screw Making Machine with wire standSpecification:Screw Size(3/4” to 2” inch) (19mm to 50mm)Wire Gauge6 to 12Production90-110 pcs/minPower Required3HP with Stator4,75,000
2.Heavy Duty Roll Threading MachineSpecification:Screw Size(3/4” to 2” inch) (19mm to 50mm)Production100-120 pcs/minPower Required3HP with Stator 3,75,000
3.Screw Polishing DrumSpecification:Drum Capacity500 kgPower Required2HP with Stator90,000
4.Cutter Grinder with Four grinding wheelsSpecifications:Power Required1HP with StatorPower RequiredGraded Casting35,000
5.Other Equipments & Hand Tools2,000
 GST @18%1,75,860
 Total Amount11,52,860

Note: Machine Cost+18%GST+Transportation Charge+ Packaging Charges

Optional Machine: Lathe Machine and tool bit

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Total Machine cost Consider 12 Lac (Including Transportation + Packaging)

Screw Manufacturing Business Process

First of all coils of the required size are cleaned and fed in to the Automatic Heading machine which gives required length & head. Then trimming of head to required size is done in the Automatic Machine. After this threads are cut in the Auto Thread Rolling Machine. Then sorting is done by hundred percent usual inspection. Then heat treatment of the Allen Screws is done as per requirement. Finally gauging and few percentage of hardness testing is done. The packing is done accordingly to size & order.

Summary of the production process

  • Wire – Uncoiled, straightened and cut to length
  • Cold forging – Molding the steel into the right shape at room temperature.
  • Bolt head – Progressively formed by forcing the steel into various dies at high pressure.
  • Threading – Threads are formed by rolling or cutting.
  • Heat treatment – The bolt is exposed to extreme heat to harden steel.
  • Surface treatment – It depends on the application. Zinc-plating is common to increase corrosion resistance.
  • Packing/stocking – After quality control to ensure uniformity and consistency, and packaged.

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The use of jute/plastic sacks or thick paper box is very good for its packaging. Screws are sharp, so there is a risk of bursting plastic or thick paper bags. At the time of packaging, keep in mind the quantities offered by various hardware stores in the market. Prepare 1 kg, 2 kg, 5kg, 10 kg packets of the same quantities.

Screw manufacturing business License Required

For this it is very necessary to take the necessary license, because in this industry complete machinery set up is required. An application form can be made to your local authority for a license. From here you will get the license very soon. an there are some documents which is required for the wire nail making business is given below:

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  1. Adhar card, Pan card & address Proof
  2. MSME License
  3. GST Registration
  4. Shop & establishment License
  5. Trade Mark (If Required)
  6. NOC (State Pollution Control Board)

Screw Manufacturing Business cost

If you are new and want to start screw manufacturing business then you need approx 20 lakh which is given below in detail:

Sl no.Name of ParticularsAmount in Rs
1.Land,  Building & electrification & Water Installation2,50,000/-
2.Plants & machinery (Incl. Freight )12,00,000/-
3.Obtain License50,000/-
4.Raw Material (wire) (Rs 42 per kg )1,00,000/-
5.Packaging Box25,000/-
6.Advertising & Promotion10,000/-
7.E-Loader (Mahindra)1,50,000/-
8.Working Capital2,00,000/-
 Total20,00,000 Lac (Approx)

Screw Manufacturing Business Profit

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Profit of this business is given below:

  • Raw material (Nail MS Wire) = Rs 32- Rs 35 per Kg.
  • Total Production Cost on 1 kg= 32 + 3(Labour +Electricity) = Rs 35 Selling Price in Market= 45Kg – 50kg.
  • Profit on per Kg = Rs 10 – Rs 15 Machine Production per day = 600 kg.
  • Total Production per month (26) = 15600 Kg (Consider 15000 Kg).
  • Gross Profit per month (when we sell 15000 Kg per month) = 15000 X Rs10.

Gross Profit per month   = Rs 1,50,000/-

F.A.Q(Frequently Asked Question)

Q. Is Screw manufacturing Business profitable in India ?

Ans: Yes, because our country is a developing country and day by day the construction work increases in our country. So, there is great market of Screw. So to fulfill the requirements of Screw, the production of Screw will increase. So, this business has high potential and high profitable idea in India.

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Q. Machine Required for Screw manufacturing Business.

Ans: There are list of machine which is required for the Screw making Business which is given below:

  • Screw Making Machine
  • Polishing Barrel/Drum
  • Grinder & Cutter with 1 HP motor
  • Wire Stand/Spool
  • Some other Equipments & Hand Tools

And detailed information is given in this article. Read this article carefully.

Q. How much area required for the Screw making Business ?

Ans: The industrial setup requires space for Inventory, workshop or manufacturing area, space for power supply utilities and auxiliary like Generator setup. Also some of the area of building is required for office staff facilities, documentation, office furniture, etc. Thus, the approximate total area required for complete industrial setup is 1800 Sq ft to 2000 Sq ft. Civil work cost will be around 5 Lac Rs.(Approx).

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Q. What are the requirements of Screw manufacturing business ?

Ans: Requirements:

  • Area = 1800 SQFT – 2000 SQFT
  • Manpower = 5 Workers (Skilled & Semiskilled) & 1 Marketing Executive
  • Electricity= 15 KW – 18 KW

Q. What is the investment to start screw manufacturing business ?

Ans: If you are new and want to start screw manufacturing business then you need approx 20 lakh which is given below in detail:

Sl no.Name of ParticularsAmount in Rs
1.Land,  Building & electrification & Water Installation2,50,000/-
2.Plants & machinery (Incl. Freight )12,00,000/-
3.Obtain License50,000/-
4.Raw Material (wire) (Rs 42 per kg )1,00,000/-
5.Packaging Box25,000/-
6.Advertising & Promotion10,000/-
7.E-Loader (Mahindra)1,50,000/-
8.Working Capital2,00,000/-
 Total20,00,000 Lac (Approx)


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If you want to start the screw manufacturing business then you can start geting ides from this blog. And most important, if you are starting screw manufacturing Business on a large scale or small scale, accordingly you will need assistants. Along with this, you can also take advantage of the schemes issued by the central and state government for financial assistance in starting this business.

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