Soya Milk Business Cost, Profit, Requirements, How To Start | ChildArticle

Soya Milk Business Cost, Profit, Requirements, How To Start | ChildArticle

If you wish to commence the soya milk business, you must equip yourself with a soya milk business plan in India. Running any form of business without a sound business plan won’t generate good returns. Thus, all small or big business owners must be ready with their business plan.

Before covering the soya milk business plan in India in detail, let’s take a look at the in-depth information related to the introduction of soya milk and its market potential, how to make soya milk for business, how to start soya milk business in India, technical aspects, raw materials and machinery required, and other significant aspects related to soya milk business in India.

An Introduction to Soya Milk

Soya Milk is the most economical and affordable edible item, versatile high protein food made from soybeans. It is a white liquid made out of the seed. Unlike most other protein food, soya milk is entirely free from cholesterol and low in fat. The protein is as high as found in chicken, eggs, etc. It is also suitable for diet conscious people as it contains low calories. It is an excellent food for children, older people, and pregnant women as it contains vegetable protein very nutritious and easy to digest.

Soya milk and its derivatives are some of the cheapest sources of protein. One of the healthy products of the soya bean is “Soya milk.” Its nutritional benefits are attracting many people at large. Soya milk is one of the best alternatives for cow’s milk. Soy milk, also called soya milk and sometimes referred to as soy drink/beverage, is a healthy beverage. Soya milk contains about the same level of protein as cow’s milk.

Nowadays, agri-business is running at a peak because of the health-conscious crowds around us. These days’ people prefer to go vegan because of the religious sentiments attached and health benefits. Due to this, the demand for agri-products is rising immensely and hence, people have started preparing soya milk business plan in India.

Market Potential concerning Soya Milk Business Plan in India

The market potential concerning soya milk business plan in India is something that one must consider. With the increasing health consciousness among the general people, soya milk is getting acceptance in the form of soya milk, Tofu, and Soya curd, etc. Being mainly the country of vegetarians, India has a broad scope for Soya milk, paneer/Tofu, and curd. Experts have already predicted that the Soya food industry will grow 20% annually over the next few years. 

With this, we shall throw light on the perks of carrying the soya milk business in India: 

1. High Demand– Due to health benefits and its advantages, soya milk has always been in good consumption by the people of India and across.

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2. Easily Accessible Business– Soya milk business is one of the most comfortable places to start in the current scenario with minimum capital and workforce. It does not require complicated tools/equipment and machinery to start the business.

3. Easy to Sell– Due to its rising demand, it is easy to put soya milk on platforms easily accessible by all. Nowadays, soya milk and its derivatives are sold on various online portals like Grofers, Bigbasket, Dunzo, Amazon pantry, and multiple dairies and milk booths.

4. Less Investment– Budding entrepreneurs can commence the Soya milk business in India with minimum capital as a means of earning to meet the livelihood requirements and can even take their business to another level by composing the soya milk business plan in India. 

5. Profitable Business– Soya Milk business in India has turned out to be one of the most profitable companies that these budding entrepreneurs can take up. Dedicated entrepreneurs can produce up to 1 lakh 75 thousand liters of soya milk, sold at Rs 30 per liter. It can earn up to 50 Lakh rupees per month. However, by extracting all the expenses, you can make huge profits from the business of Soya milk making.

Technical Aspects

Considering its demand and the ease of doing business, we shall highlight technical aspects and its implementation process:

  • Selection of site

Before starting up producing soya milk, the entrepreneur must pay much heed to choosing a safe place; this is one of the most important decisions taken by the entrepreneur, keeping in mind their safety and budget. According to sample reports, 100 square meters of space to set up a small soya milk unit. The area only takes 75 square meters. They can also take the premises on rent.

  • Form of Ownership

Entrepreneur needs to decide upon the kind of ownership they are willing to take before formulating the Soya milk business plan in India. They might prefer to take up a sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.

  • Necessary Registration & licenses

DIC registration is essential for entrepreneurs keeping in mind the benefits attached to it. DICs arrange loans to entrepreneurs with financial institutions like banks, NBFCs, MFIs, etc. They also track the flow of industrial credit. FSSAI license and other necessary licenses shall avail the business entrepreneurs the opportunity to function smoothly without any hindrances. The product should conform to the PFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration) Act, 1955[1]. Also, NOC is required from the Pollution department to ensure no harm to the environment throughout the process. 

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Soya Milk Business plan in India: Arrangement for Finance

Information concerning the financial arrangement must be a part of your soya milk business plan in India. Soya milk business is the small scale business that requires finances to kick start their business. They can rely on their investment or prefer to take loans from banks, etc. These days the Government has been favoring these small agricultural businesses. The center decided to give loans up to 80% on Soya milk production and business cause of its rising demand for the current market. 

  • Moreover, Soya Milk is one of the highly demanding commodities in India and across the globe.

Under the Government’s Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMGEP), up to 90 percent of the loans advanced to start a Soya Milk agri-business where you can earn up to 50 lakhs per month is provided. As per the MUDRA scheme, entrepreneurs can also take the Mudra loan from the bank. The bank will assist in giving loans up to 80 percent.

  • Arrangement for raw materials, machinery, and equipment

Next important step is the procurement of raw materials and machinery.

Raw Materials

Raw materials used in the soya milk business are as follows:

  • Soybean
  • Sugar
  • Artificial Flavor
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Packaging Material

Machinery Required in Soya Milk Business

The machinery required for the Soya milk business includes: 

  • Soybean Grinder
  • Boiler
  • Mechanical Filter
  • Soaking Tank
  • Pack Sealer Machine
  • Vacuum Packing Machine
  • Weighing Balance

How to Make Soya Milk for Business?

Given below is the stepwise guideline concerning the manufacturing process of soya milk-

Step 1- Procuring the soya beans is the first step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. Then the soya beans will be washed and cleaned. After cleaning, it is blended for the production.

Step 2- The second step is Dehulling; in this process, the soya beans will be steamed, and then it is split into halves. As the vacuum sucks the hulls, it loses the hull present on the soya bean.

Step 3- Finer grinding is the next step in the Manufacturing Process of Soya Milk. The more good grinding process is applied to powder the bean pieces into tiny particles. Then it turns into hot slurry, which is white with small soybean particles.

Step 4- The next step is extracting post which the flavors, sugars, and vitamins mixed into smaller tanks; then, the smaller tank ingredients are soaked into the larger tanks and blended with the raw soya milk.

Step 5- Later, it is sterilized with boiling temperature and pressure within a vacuum for a short durable time, after which it is homogenized.

Step 6- Lastly, soya milk is left to cool down a bit. After the cooling down process, it is stored and packed for selling purposes. 

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Need for Soya Milk Business Plan for Soya Milk Business Enthusiasts

  • Before proceeding ahead for the soya milk business in India, business enthusiasts who are looking to commence their business trip in the same domain must prepare a well-researched soya milk business plan. Having a proper soya milk business plan in India would define a clear view of your potential customers.
  • It’s a known reality that operating a business without a sound plan won’t work well for any business as it’s going to be more time-consuming in the long run.
  • By drafting a business plan, soya milk business enthusiasts will be hopefully getting a chance to test out a brand-new idea to observe whether it can bring substantial outcomes in the future course of time.
  • If you want to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business rivals in the industry, you must gear up with your business plan that would also reflect the existing reality in the market.
  • How can an individual accelerate with his/her business without maintaining a roadmap for future goals and objectives?
  • No, running the business without a proper roadmap is a half-baked reality. Moreover, if you will be initiating your business without giving any priority to planning, you will end up getting trapped in the well of failure. Therefore, you must have a soya milk business plan in India in order to commence this form of business within the geographical boundaries of India. 

Marketing Channel concerning Soya Milk Business Plan in India

  • Carrying out the production of any product is accessible, but the real challenge lies in selling it.
  • Hence, the entrepreneur should lay much emphasis on the marketing channel of the soya milk business by giving utmost focus while formulating soya milk business plan in India.
  • To make the product famous, they need to list the products with various media and portals such as Amazon, Dunzo, Grofers, Bigbasket, etc.
  • They also need to tie up with multiple sellers who can sell their products through shops, dairy booths, etc.
  • National Small Industry Corporation has started a few technical service centers in different parts of the country.
  • Job oriented courses and training be provided by these centers under expert guidance.
  • Under this program, entrepreneurs will get full training on soya milk making, starting the business, business management, finance management, and marketing.
  • Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan has announced various relief and exemptions to these small scale industries as free collateral loans and funds of funds to stressed MSMEs. 


The Soya milk business has been the booming business in the current scenario, and the market potential of soya milk is increasing day by day. Thus, the soya milk business enthusiasts need to prepare soya milk business plan in India to usher business on the right track. If appropriately planned with proper dedication, one can earn a lot of money from the soya milk business.

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