The Dhaba Franchise Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

The Dhaba Franchise Cost, Profit, How to Apply, Requirement, Investment, Review | SkillsAndTech

The Dhaba Franchise is a wonderful spot to visit if you want to sample some delectable north Indian cuisine. 

About The Dhaba Franchise

They specialize in delicacies from the north Indian subcontinent. From Delhi’s sarso da saag to Punjab’s sarso da saag, the food is delicious. Some of their must-try specialties include makke di rotis and palak shorba. If you are not a frequent customer, you are invited to come and experience one of their Chef specialties, which are conveniently located in the heart of Vadodara and Ahmedabad. You can buy online and have their delectable dishes delivered to your front door if you live in Vadodara or Ahmedabad. Give them a try if you want to enjoy a Dhaba-style atmosphere with a modern twist. Ingredients meet inspired preparations for a feast unlike any other. Their menu is based on time-tested traditions passed down through the centuries, cookbooks, and the richness of Indian cuisine.

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The Dhaba Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 40 lakhs
Area Required1700 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 8 lakhs

Features Of The Dhaba Franchise

  • The Dhaba, a truly rustic establishment, has become the new go-to spot for North Indian cuisine.
  • With their most famous Dal Makhani, parathas (serving a broad range of Chur-Chur parathas), chole, kulcha, and two different soya chaps (one with firmer spices and the other mild), both delicacies are a must-try! Desserts and cold beverages are the Dhaba’s strong suits.
  • They also provide Jain and Swaminarayan cuisine.
  • In 2018, they received a 94.3 FM award for their best Chur- Chur parathas.
  • Flavors: The flavors are a well-thought-out variety, filled with perfectly balanced tastes and textures; the “Dal Makhani” they offer with the paratha, in particular, is outstanding!
  • Quality – They are very constant in their quality, and the quality of their meals is something they cannot compromise on.
  • Presentation – The way they present their cuisine will make you want to eat it even more. The amazing appearance of North Indian cuisine is a visual feast.
  • Hygiene – At “The Dhaba,” cleanliness is a top priority. They serve not only delicious but also hygienic cuisine.
  • For your franchise, there are numerous models such as Casual Dine and Fine Dine.
  • “The Dhaba” will be in charge of recruitment and training.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The Dhaba Franchise?

The investment of The Dhaba Franchise is Rs. 40 lakhs.

What Is The Model Of The Dhaba Franchise?

The model of The Dhaba Franchise is Casual.

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