The Different Between Business Name and Trademark | SkillsAndTech

The Different Between Business Name and Trademark | SkillsAndTech

If you’re in business, you likely know that having a great business name is essential for success. But what about trademarks? What are they, and why are they so important? A trademark is a unique name or symbol used by a company to identify its products and services. It can help protect your business from being copied or confused with another company’s products.

And while a trademark is not required to start or run a business, it can be an important part of your marketing strategy. When you have a trademarked name or symbol, potential customers know that you are the legitimate source for the product or service. This can convince them to buy from you instead of someone else. If you want to protect your business and trademark, read on for more information on how to do so.

What is a business name?

A business name is the name of your company, product, or service. It can be anything you want as long as it is not already in use by another company. A trademark, on the other hand, is your trademarked name or logo. It is important to protect your trademark because it can help you distinguish your products from those of other companies.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, words, or other feature that identifies a brand of product and distinguishes it from the products of other businesses. A trademark can be the name of a company, product, or service. The owner of a trademark has the exclusive right to use it to sell goods and services under that mark.

The law protects trademarks by giving the owner the right to sue anyone who uses their mark without permission. If you want to register a trademark, you must submit an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO will check to make sure the mark is not being used already and will issue a registration certificate if it is approved.

The Different Between Business Name and Trademark

A business name is the name of the company or organization. It can be the same as the owner’s name or a different name. A trademark is a unique word, symbol, or design that identifies the source of a product or service.

Business names are less protected than trademarks. The use of a business name without authorization is not illegal, but it could lead to confusion among customers and could damage your reputation. You can protect your business name by filing a federal trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

A trademark can only be registered if it is distinctive and has been used in commerce. To get a trademark, you must show that your mark is not being used by another company and that you intend to use it to promote your products or services. You will need to provide evidence of how people are likely to use your mark and how you will benefit from its use.

The USPTO may reject your application if it doesn’t meet certain requirements, such as being descriptive enough or being distinctive enough.

What are the benefits of having a business name and trademark?

The benefits of having a business name and trademark can be many. A business name provides a unique identifier for your company, helping to distinguish it from other businesses in the marketplace. This can help you attract new customers, as well as keep existing ones loyalty.

In addition, a trademark can provide you with legal protection against others who may try to unfairly use your mark without permission. By having both a business name and trademark in place, you can ensure that your company is properly represented and protected in the market.


A business name is what you use to identify your company to the public. It can be anything from a simple name, such as Joe’s Pizza, to a more complex and descriptive name, such as Morning Glory Organics. A trademark is similar but it is used to protect the distinctive name of your business from being used by someone else without permission.

For instance, if you own Joe’s Pizza and someone tries to sell pizza under the same name, they would infringe on your trademark and could face legal action from you.

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